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Updates from the Director

The Office of Sponsored Programs' First Recognition Reception 2016

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) hosted our first Recognition Reception on September 2, 2016 to honor all faculty and staff involved in the pursuit of external funding during fiscal year 2016, (7/01/2015 - 6/30/2016). The program began with remarks from invited speakers about the importance of sponsored programs to the programming vitality of the university and to individual careers. Dr. A. Jerry Benson, Dr. Yvonne Harris, Dr. Cynthia Bauerle, Dr. Rhonda Zingraff, and Dr. Olga Pierrakos all spoke to share their messages about the broader impacts sponsored programs have beyond James Madison University to our local community and the region but also for our nation and the world. 

Following these speakers, Tamara Hatch, Interim Director and Liz Webb, Grants Specialist - OSP, Deans and Department Heads recognized Principal Investigators for an array of accomplishments. To see the full awards list please click here

The Office of Sponsored Programs will strive to host a Recognition Reception each year to again acknowledge the hard work that is involved in the pursuit of external funding. If you have not provided your input about this year's Reception please consider taking our survey to help us refine the program for the coming year. 

Pictured above: Drs. Benson and Harris present Dr. Joanne Gabbin with the Lifetime Achievement Award for her years of work with the Furious Flower Poetry Center and the Honors Program. Click here to see the full gallery of photos from the reception!

Full article

For related article about Dr. Gabbin's Lifetime Achievement Award, view the Furious Flower Poetry Center's article here: 

Featured Funding Opportunity

Fiscal Year 2017 Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Program (YIP)

Funding Opportunity Number: N00014-16-S-FO15

Deadline: 11/04/2016

Eligibility: The Principal Investigator of a proposal must be a U.S. citizen, national, or permanent resident, holding a first or second full-time-tenure-track-equivalent faculty position at that university, and has begun her/his first full-time appointment on or after 04 November 2011. 

Funding: up to $170,000 per year (inclusive of indirect costs)

Duration: three (3) years

Note: Applicants are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to conduct the appropriate Program Officer who is the point of contact for a specific technical area to discuss their research ideas. A list of Program Officers and their contact information can be found at : 

Timely Topic

Revised Internal Approval Form 

At the start of a new academic year we thought it would be a good idea to freshen up our Internal Approval Form. As you know, each funding proposal must be accompanied by this signed 2-page form which signifies approval of applicable authorities: department heads, deans, co-principal investigators, etc. 

Same but better/What has changed?
  • Flow: the Special Review Checklist is now included on page 1 of the form rather than page 2. We found that this section was often overlooked or not completed so it has been moved to a more prominent position. In this section we added a box to indicate whether the proposal includes a subaward from or to another institution. 
  • Export Controls: a brief questionnaire section has been added to capture this information should your project involve any military or dual use technologies, travel or shipment of goods out the U.S., or collaboration with foreign nationals either outside or inside the country. This fulfills requirements of the Export Administration Regulations (EAR)

As we prepare budgets with you, we will prepare this updated Internal Approval Form for you. If you prepare your own Internal Approval Form, please transition to using this form

NSF Updates

Proposal & Award Policy Update 

At the August 8, 2016 National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA)
National Meeting, NSF presented an NSF proposal and Award Policy Update.
Topics included: 

  • NSF Budget Update
  • NSF Policy Update
  • NSF Policy Hot Topics
  • Automated Compliance Checking 
  • Proposal Submission Modernization 

To view slides of the full presentation: 

NSF FY2017 Budget Request to Congress
  • NSF's FY 2017 Budget Request is $7.964 billion, an increase of $500.53 million (6.7%) over the FY 2016 Estimate.
    This includes $7.56 billion in discretionary budget authority and $400 million in new mandatory budget authority.
  • New 1-year mandatory funding of $400 million will support NSF's core research activities that contribute to the Nation's
    science and technology enterprise.
  • Funding will support more scientists and engineers early in their careers to quicken the pace of discovery and advance the
    leading edge of research and education.
  • Funds will allow for about 800 new research grants, increasing NSF's FY 2017 funding rate to an estimated 23%.
  • $43 million to improve predictability and risk assessment and increase resilience to extreme natural and man-made events
    in order to reduce their impact on quality of life, society, and the economy.
  • $62 million to understand, design, and model the interconnected food, energy, and water system through an interdisciplinary
    research effort that incorporates all areas of science and engineering and addresses the natural, social, and human-built
    factors involved.
  • $33 million for the multi-agency National Strategic Computing Initiative to advance the Nation's computational infrastructure
    for research.
  • Budget Summary Brochure 

Compliance Corner

U.S. Office of Research Integrity's New FAQ's Webpage

What can happen to a researcher who is found by ORI to have committed misconduct?
What kind of actions can ORI impose on them? Can ORI send a researcher to prison? 

These are just a few frequently asked questions that ORI hears from the research community
and journalists. Check out the new webpage that answers these and other frequently asked

Need Help with Your IRB (Human Subjects) Research Project? 

Have no idea how to get started? Don't stress about the process...ORI is here to

Fall Semester Drop-in Hours: 
Wednesday: 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Friday: 9:00am - 11:00am

Blue Ridge Hall, Room 342
601 University Blvd. (across from Costco)

Not available during these times? No worries. Simply email or call
(540) 568-7025 for an appointment. 

Attention Faculty: Teaching your students about the IRB? ORI is also available to do in-class
presentations upon request. Please contact ORI for more information!

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