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Save These Dates!

Seeking Faculty Input on Research Administration System Vendor  Selection: March 22nd-24th

As you may be aware, JMU is in the process of searching for an enterprise-wide electronic system to automate research administration at the university. At a minimum the system will automate workflow for approval of proposals for external funding and for approvals of research protocols as well as assist with monitoring of reporting requirements. The system will also have robust reporting functions with user dashboards for individuals to access and export their own information.

A Request for Proposals (RFP) was issued to vendors in December. From that, 3 vendors have been identified to demonstrate their systems on campus to interested users. We'd like to seek your input on this important system selection.

Vendor demonstrations are scheduled for March 22nd, 23rd, and 24th according to the schedule noted below. Though the vendors will be on campus for 6 hours each, the demonstrations are segmented so that you can drop in only on the portions that interest you. 

March 22nd-24th: Festival Conference & Student Center-Conference Room 2

The daily program format:
10am-12pm: Administrative Session- setup and implementation processes 
1-2pm: Compliance Topics- IRB & IACUC functionality, remaining time IBC and COl 
2-3pm: Grants Module- funding search, budget building, forms, approvals routing, submission
3-4pm: Technical Session with IT

Calling all Social, Behavioral and Economic Scientists!  April 6th - NSF Opportunity

TRINITY UNIVERSITY, 125 Michigan Ave NE, Washington, DC 20017

The NSF/SBE Overview Session will take about 90 minutes and will involve numerous brief presentations. There will subsequently be time for questions and conversation. The session will provide those who attend with information about the SBE programs; opportunities for funding for faculty, graduate and undergraduate students and institutions; and contact with administrators from the central office and divisions within the SBE Directorate. 

The program will include the following: 1) An overview of disciplines included in the Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences at NSF; 2) An introduction to funding opportunities in the Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences as well as the Social and Economic Sciences; 3) Funding opportunities for undergraduates and undergraduate institutions; 4) The science and importance of broadening participation in the sciences; 5) The availability and utility of data resources and science and engineering statistics; 6) Tips and concerns of sponsored research offices and/or university personnel delegated with submission and fiscal responsibilities for grants; and 7) An array of special opportunities for students. 

Featured Funding Opportunity

Research Corporation Requires Preliminary Proposals for the Cottrell Scholar Award Program

The Cottrell Scholar Award (CSA) program champions the very best early career teacher-scholars in chemistry, physics and astronomy by providing significant discretionary awards for research. 

Funding: $100,000 (3 years) 
Eligibility: Tenure-track faculty members whose primary appointment is in a department of astronomy, chemistry or physics that offers, the minimum, a bachelor's degree. Research Corporation Logo

Note: The CSA is limited to faculty members who started their first tenure-track appointment anytime in calendar year 2013. 

To Apply:
Pre-proposal due May 16, 2016
Full proposal (by invitation only) due August 1, 2016. 
Link to Guidelines

The online pre-proposal seeks technical content only and no budgetary information. Therefore, it is not necessary to run the pre-proposal through the Office of Sponsored Programs for University approval. We do request that you provide a copy of the submitted pre-proposal if you are selected to submit a full proposal. If you would like any assistance with the pre-proposal submission, please let us know. 


Sponsor Representatives to Visit Campus this Month: March 22nd & 23rd

Research and Scholarship has arranged for representatives of the National Institute on Aging and the Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy to be present on campus later this month to offer perspectives on their agencies' funding priorities and to answer questions regarding their programming. Please register to attend by e-mailing Ben Delp

Introducing the National Institute on Aging: Research Programs, Research Priorities and Research Support National Institute on Aging Logo
Dr. Chyren Hunter
Deputy Director and Research Training Officer
National Institute on Aging 
Tuesday, March 22, 2016
James Madison University 
ISAT/CS Building, Room 259
Light refreshments will be available prior to the start of the event
More details and to register:

Department of Energy LogoIntroducing the Department of Energy: Clean Energy, Funding Priorities, and Research Support 
Mr. Scott Minos
Senior Policy and Communications Specialist
Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Department of Energy
Wednesday, March 23, 2016
James Madison University 
ISAT/CS Building, Room 259
Light refreshments will be available prior to the event start
More details and to register:

Compliance Corner

Export Controls in Academia: Experts on Campus March 30th

ORI would like to provide you with information regarding presenters coming to campus this month. Two Special Agents from Homeland Security Investigations will be on campus Wednesday, March 30th to present on Export Controls as meetingrelated to Academia. Their schedule for the day will be as follows: 
10am-12pm: Academic Council 
1:30-3pm: Q&A session (Moody Conference Room) 
3:30-5pm: Faculty Research Council 

The Q&A session will be beneficial to those who may not be at either of the other meetings. Notices have been sent to the following areas: 

  • Sponsored Programs (Pre and Post Award)
  • International Programs
  • Information Technology 
  • Legal 
  • CISR
  • Finance

If you can think of any others on campus that could benefit from attending the Q&A session on Exports in Academia, please share this information. 

IACUC Meet & Greet

Reminder: The Office of Research Integrity (ORI) will be hosting a Meet and Greet for all current faculty animal researchers to meet with colleagues working in other vivariums on campus. This could be a chance to share ideas and potentially collaborate. 

When: Friday, April 1st 
Where: ISAT 259 (nTelos Room)
Time: 11:00am - 1pm

ORI is reviewing Program Evaluation Survey responses and greatly appreciates the feedback received and would like to address the concerns that were raised such as the following: 

  1. Differences between the Office of Research Integrity and the Office of Sponsored Programs 
  2. IACUC process improvements based on faculty input (i.e., forms) 
  3. IACUC redundancy 
  4. Number of IACUC members (i.e., serving in multiple roles, etc.) & questions about members' experience 
  5. Rules and regulations

pizzaPizza and beverages will be provided. Please respond via email whether or not you will attend to assess how much food to order. 

We very much look forward to this opportunity to bring the JMU animal researchers together. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact ORI at or x8-7025.

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