James Madison University

General Information

Bad Weather Policy: 

If JMU is delayed, closed, or closes early due to bad weather, then LLI classes will be cancelled. Please tune into WSVA 550 AM radio or WHSV TV. We will make every effort to reschedule cancelled classes.

Guest Policy: 

A member of LLI enrolled in a class may invite a non-member to one session of that class, with the instructor's prior permission. The intent of the invitation is to encourage new membership.

Responsibility on Tours and Class Trips: 

The tours and class-associated field trips of the JMU-LLI require walking and the physical capability to access sites that may have structural obstacles. By participating, members understand that should they require personal assistance to participate in tours/field trips, they are responsible for securing such assistance. That responsibility includes registering a person with LLI who can and will be totally responsible for providing all assistance. That person must register as a member and pay the cost of the tour/trip. A LLI member requiring assistance in order to attend class shall be allowed to attend class with an aide at no extra fee.

Directions and Parking:

  • Will be included in your class confirmation letter.
  • LLI courses held on the JMU campus require parking permits.  Permits will be mailed to course members prior to the beginning of class.  Parking permits should be placed on the front dash of your vehicle so they can be seen clearly through the windshield.  Parking Permits do not allow parking in specialty spaces such as service vehicle spaces, handicap spaces without proper permit, or expired meters.  An online parking map may be found at http://web.jmu.edu/parking/parkingmap.pdf. If you do not receive a parking pass, please contact Sue at (540) 568-2923.


As approved by the Administration/Finance Committee and the Advisory Board, full refunds (except membership fees) will be issued up to the beginning of courses. Please allow 30 days for refunds.  No refunds will be issued after the first class meets.  Please see specific trip for refund/cancellation policy.

LLI Scholarships:

The JMU-LLI is pleased to be able to offer class scholarships. Please encourage individuals who may otherwise hesitate to join us to inquire about a scholarship by calling the LLI office.

Free One-Year Membership for New Members

LLI will continue to offer a free membership through June 30, 2014 to individuals who have never before been a member of LLI. The new member agrees to receive all LLI correspondence by email. This correspondence includes program guides, newsletters, and confirmation letters. This membership, valued at $20.00, is required before one can register for courses. If you have not been a member of LLI before, take advantage of this opportunity by calling the office at 540-568-2923 or email lli@jmu.edu


  • A reminder --- please either turn off or silence all cell phones and other devices.  These have become quite a disruption in classes.
  • To encourage intergenerational co-learning, some courses may include JMU undergraduate students as participants.  We welcome the opportunity to connect with these students and hope you will too.
  • LLI has purchased “clip on” name badges.  Badges will be distributed to all members who participate in a course or trip.  Please wear your badges during LLI functions to assist staff, and new and returning members, in becoming familiar with your name and return them at the end of the five weeks.
  • Common Interest Groups - If you are interested in starting or becoming a member of a common interest group, please call the LLI office at 540-568-2923.