James Madison University

Lifelong Learning Institute

If you are 50+ James Madison University is inviting you back to school. The invitation comes through the JMU Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI).

The program involves a series of courses taken on a non-credit basis. All that is required for participating is a passion for learning, without regard to a student's previous level of former education. The institute is a partnership between JMU and adults 50 + from the region and is an affiliate of The Elderhostel Institute Network of Durham, New Hampshire. The JMU Institute is the first in the Western part of the Commonwealth. Other Virginia institutes are at the College of William and Mary, George Mason University, Mary Washington College, and Old Dominion University.

The Aging and Family Studies Program is the University's home for the Lifelong Learning Institute. The institute is consistent with JMU's public service and lifelong learning mission and with the goals of the Aging and Family Studies Program. For more information, call Nancy Owens, Director of LLI at 568-2333.


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Our Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree prepares students for beginning professional practice, and is the entry-level credential as recognized by the National Association of Social Workers. More >