James Madison University


Zanetta Ford-Byrd, Gerontology Advisor
Email: fordzs@jmu.edu 
Office: HBS Bldg, Rm. 2071,
235 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way

The cross-disciplinary minor in gerontology is designed for undergraduate students from any major seeking a focal area of study on issues and dynamics of human aging for personal understanding or career preparation. The minor program requires 18 credit hours including 9 credits of required courses and 9 credits of approved electives. No more than six credit hours may be from the student's major.

Required Courses

Required Courses Credit Hours
GERN/SOCI 280. Social Gerontology (Health Services Administration majors
may substitute HSA 290: Gerontology for Health Services Administration)
GERN 305. Programs and Services for the Elderly1 3
GERN 495. Field Experience/Seminar1 3

Elective Courses

Choose 9 credit hours from the following approved courses.

Elective Courses Credit Hours
GERN/FAM/SOWK 375. Grant Writing for Agencies 3
GERN 450. Palliative and Hospice Care: And Interdisciplinary Approach 3
GERN 487. Special Topics in Gerontology 3
GERN 490. Special Studies in Gerontology 1 - 3
FAM 335. Parent-Child Relationships Across the Lifespan1 3
HTH 378. Uses and Effects of Drugs1 3
HTH 471. Health Aspects of Gerontology 3
IPE 220. Adult Health and Development Program 3
IPE/NSG 415. Ethical Decision-Making in Healthcare: An Interprofessional Approach 1
NSG 310. Helping Persons in Pain 2
NSG 313: Issues and Applications of Family 1 - 2
NSG 322. Integrative Health Care 1
NSG 328. Life, Death, and the Dash Between 1
NSG 391. Living Successfully with Chronic Illness 3
PSYC 304. Death and Dying: Thanatology1 3
BIO 301. Introductory Neuroscience1 3