James Madison University

R. Ann Myers Distinguished Social Work Alumni Award Established; Inaugural Winners Announced

Established in honor of 40 years of service to the social work profession and JMU’s Department of Social Work

The Department of Social Work proudly announces the R. Ann Myers Distinguished Social Work Alumni Award, which recognizes excellence in practice and service to the profession, community and/or department. The award honors the remarkable career of James Madison University alumna, Social Work faculty member and Social Work Academic Unit Head R. Ann Myers. Since Professor Myer’s graduation from then Madison College she has been a staunch ally and supporter both personally and professionally of JMU Social Work students, alumni and faculty.  Professor Myers has set bar for excellence in practice and service for JMU students, alumni and faculty.

This award will be made bi-annually at the James Madison University Homecoming.

2012 Winners

Drew Molloy (Class of 1975)

PHOTO: Drew Molloy

With over 30 years of progressive service and leadership in the area of criminal justice, Mr. Molloy is currently the Chief Deputy Director with the Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Criminal Justice Services in Richmond Virginia.  His early professional experiences included serving as a case manager for Treatment Alternatives to Street Crime in Richmond and with the Virginia Department of Corrections.  As a Correctional Programs Specialist Mr. Molloy’s served with the United States Department of Justice, Bureau of Prisons, National Institute of Correction in Washington, D.C.  He served as Senior Policy Advisor for Corrections, Acting Deputy Director for Justice Systems, and Associate Deputy Director for Justice Systems with the United States Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Assistance, Washington, D.C.   He served as Chief Deputy Superintendent until moving into his current position.  Mr. Molloy serves on the JMU Department of Social Work Advisory Group and has been a guest lecturer.  He wrote “I truly enjoyed my Sociology and Social Work classes, and it was in those classes that I did the work, came to class (no matter the time of day), and enjoyed doing the projects.  The classes in the department really kept me motivated and involved in school, and allowed me to find myself as a student”.

Becky Shaw (Class of 1981)

PHOTO: Becky Shaw

As a social work supervisor serving deaf persons living with a dual diagnose Mrs. Shaw has been at Western State Psychiatric Hospital in Staunton Virginia for twenty-five years.  Prior to this position she served with the Dejarnette Center Psychiatric Hospital for Children & Adolescents, Staunton-Augusta Department of Social Services with Child Protective Services and with Wall Residence Specialized Adult Foster Care completing home studies and investigations.  At Western State Psychiatric Hospital Mrs. Shaw leads monthly extended care team meetings, chairs the Department of Social Work Peer Review Committee, assists with JCAHO surveys, serves on the New Employee Orientation Committee and serves on the Western Sate Hospital Facility Relocation Committee.  Mrs. Shaw has been a guest lecturer in Mary Baldwin and JMU’s social work classes.  She has served as a social work field supervisor for over fifteen years.  She wrote “My college years were a struggle because I worked fulltime all four years; so getting my degree was a huge deal for me.  I have always been a person who likes to work and works hard, so my college years really helped form my work ethics”.