James Madison University

Articulation Agreement With Blue Ridge Community College

Articulation Agreement Between Blue Ridge Community College (BRCC) Associate of Applied Science Degree: Human Services Major and James Madison University (JMU) Bachelor of Social Work Program

Blue Ridge Community College and James Madison University recognize the need and importance of facilitating the transfer of students from one institution to the other as they pursue their educational goals. Therefore, James Madison University (JMU) and Blue Ridge Community College (BRCC) enter into this articulation agreement to facilitate the transfer of course credits and smooth the transition of students earning an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree in Human Services at BRCC into the Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W.) Program at JMU.

Blue Ridge Community College (BRCC)

1st Semester
BRCC Class# BRCC Course Name JMU Class# JMU Course Name or Gen Ed Requirement Credit
ENG 111 College Composition I
WRTC 100 Writing


HMS 100 Intro to Hum Services SOWK2871 w/HMS 190 Intro to Social Work 3
ITE 119 Information Literacy PHIL 001 (Cluster One: CT) 3
PSY 200 Intro to Psychology PSYC 1011 (Cluster Five: SC) 3
SDV Student Development Does Not Transfer Does Not Transfer 0
CST 110 Intro to Communication SCOM 121 (Cluster One: COM) 3
Total 15
2nd Semester
BRCC Class# BRCC Course Name JMU Class# JMU Course Name or Gen Ed Requirement Credit
ENG 112   College Composition II WRTC 103 (Cluster One: WT) 3
 HLT 121    Intro to Drug Abuse HTH 000 Health elective credit 3
HMS 190 Coor Internship in HS SOWK2871 w/HMS 101 Intro to Social Work Above
MEN 101    MH Skill Training I       SOWKOOO Social work general credit 3
PSY 230   Developmental Psych PSYC 1601 (Cluster Five: SC) 3
SOC 268 Social Problems SOCI 1101 (Cluster Four: Global) 3
Total 15
3rd Semester
BRCC Class# BRCC Course Name JMU Class# JMU Course Name or Gen Ed Requirement Credit
HMS 290 Coor Internship in HS SOWK 0002 Field hours for SOWK 301 0
PSY 215 Abnormal Psychology PSYC 3351 Abnormal Psychology 3
MTH 157 Elementary Statistics MATH 2201 (Cluster Three : Group 1) 4
SOC 215 Sociology of the Fam

SOC 000

Sociology general credit 3
HMS 141 Group Dynamics

SOWK 000

Social Work general credit 3
ENG 241 American  Literature (or other literature) ENG 235 (Cluster Two: Lit) 3
Total 16
4th Semester
BRCC Class# BRCC Course Name JMU Class# JMU Course Name or Gen Ed Requirement Credit
MEN 295 Topics in Interviewing

SOWK 000

Social Work general credit 3
MEN 225 Counseling Therapy

SOWK 30113 (3 er)

Social work elective

PSY 220

Intro Beh  Mod

PSYC 180

Intro to Beh Analysis 3
SOC 266 Minority  Grp Relation

SOCI 3361

Race and Ethnicity

HMS 290

Coor Internship in MH/HS

SOWK 000 Social work general credit 1
Total 15
Other Courses
BRCC Class# BRCC Course Name JMU Class# JMU Course Name or Gen Ed Requirement Credit
BIO 101

If this course is NOT taken at BRCC, it will need to be taken at JMU to fulfill Gen Ed Requirements

General Biology I

This could be taken with other JMU courses OR in the summer

BIO 103

(Cluster Three: Group 3) 3

James Madison University (JMU)

1st Semester
JMU Class # JMU Course Name or Gen Ed Requirement Credit
SOWK 2881 Social Welfare 3
ISAT 112 (Cluster Three: Group 2) 4
POSC 225 (Cluster Four:AE) 4
HIST 101 (or other Cluster Two: HQC) (Cluster Two: HQC) 3
Total 14
2nd Semester
JMU Class # JMU Course Name or Gen Ed Requirement Credit
SOWK 3051 SW Research 3
SOWK 3171 SW Practice 3
SOWK 3201 Hum Beh & Soc Env. 3
SOWK 3351 SW Policy 3
HTH or KIN 100 (Cluster Five: W) 3


3rd Semester
JMU Class # JMU Course Name or Gen Ed Requirement Credit
SOWK 4651 Mezzo practice 3
SOWK 4661 Micro practice 3
SOWK 4671 Macro practice 3
IPE 4151 lnterprofessional Ethics 1
Social Work Elective1 Varies 3
ART/MUS/THEA (Cluster Two: VPA) 3
Total 16
4th Semester
JMU Class # JMU Course Name or Gen Ed Requirement Credit
SOWK 4811 Practicum 1 6
SOWK 4821 Practicum 2 6
SOWK 4941 Social Work Capstone 3
Total 15
Total Hours transferred from BRCC: 61
Total Hours taken at BRCC OR JMU: 3
Total Hours taken at JMU: 60
TOTAL: 124

1 Required social work pre-requisite or course

2 Field hour credit (SOWK 301) for HMS 290 will be awarded ONLY if student internship hours are completed in an agency that employs a degreed social worker.

3 Social work elective credit {SOWK 301) for MEN 225 will be awarded ONLY if the course is taught by a degreed social worker.

JMU Admission and Graduation Criteria:

This Agreement does not guarantee admission to JMU; additionally, students earning an A.A .S. degree from BRCC are not eligible for admission to JMU under the Guaranteed Admission Agreement (GAA).

Students following this agreement will be considered for admission to JMU on an individual basis. Before applying to JMU,students should have completed or be in the process of completing at least 24 credit hours after high school graduation and be in good academic standing. Competitive students will have a well-rounded program of study and a cumulative GPA of around 3.0 (''B" grade average with mostly "A" and "B" grades}. Students must submit the JMU Application for Admission and request that all previously attended colleges/universities submit an official transcript to JMU's Office of Admissions. The JMU Application for Admission and all transcripts must be submitted by February 1 for the following summer term; by March 1 for the following fall semester; and by October 15 for the following spring semester.

JMU requires that students earn a minimum of 120 credit hours to graduate. Of the 120 credit hours, students must earn a minimum of 60 credit hours at a four-year institution and a minimum 30 credit hours at JMU.

JMU Social Work Program Admission and Degree Criteria:

Students transferring to JMU should declare the Social Work major when they register for orientation; however, students will only be officially admitted to the major after they have applied to the JMU Social Work Program and been accepted . Students who have declared the social work major and completed SOWK 287 and SOWK 288 are eligible to be fully admitted to the B.S.W. program. To be admitted, students must submit an application, personal statement and three references. Students are evaluated on their demonstration of community service and life experiences, academic performance,communication skills, work related skills, ability to work with others, motivation, professional value orientation and career plans. Applications and other advising documents can be found on the Department of Social Work website.

Unconditional Admission

Unconditional admission to Social Work is given to students with a cumulative GPA of 2.0, no single grade lower than a "C" (2.0) in SOWK 287 and SOWK 288 and completion of the 20 hours of community service-learning required in SOWK 287 . In their application narrative, students must demonstrate the above criteria through their references and service-learning.

Conditional Admission

Students who do not meet the above requirements or whose application does not demonstrate the criteria discussed may be admitted conditionally with a contract specifying activities and objectives that must be met prior to their full admission into the program.

Students may NOT enter upper level Social Work practice courses until they have been admitted to the Social Work Program.

The JMU-B.S.W. Program does not grant social work course credit for life experience or previous work experience.

Once students have been fully admitted to the major,they must also meet requirements for continuation in the major. These requirements are outlined in the Social Work Student Handbook .

The minimum requirement for the B.S.W. degree is completion of the General Education requirements, 36 credit hours of core social work courses, one credit hour in inter­ professional education, prerequisite courses as specified in course descriptions and elective hours, six of which must be in social work, for a total of 120 credit hours. If a grade of "C" (2.0) or above is not achieved the first time a social work course is taken, the student may repeat the course only once. All social work majors are expected to abide by the NASW Code of Ethics. Additionally,all majors participate in social work student outcome assessment measures.