James Madison University

Advocacy in Action Award

The Advocacy in Action Award is awarded by faculty to a graduating JMU-BSW student who meets the following criteria: demonstrated leadership, commitment to social causes, action toward social change, and behavior consistent with social work values and ethics

2015 Award Recipient -   Keri Vandeberg

2014 Award Recipient -  Renna Wirchin

PHOTO: Renna Wirchin

Renna completed her Senior Field Practicum experience at Waynesboro High School, more specifically the Purple and Gold Connections program. Renna mentored students one-on-one, wrote grants for the program, spent time with students during college visits, facilitated and planned a life skills developmental group, and assisted with the schools Culture Club; helping to raise cultural awareness and appreciation.


  • 2016       Ryan Papciak
  • 2015       Keri Vandeberg
  • 2014       Renna Wirchin
  • 2013       No Awardee