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Dr. Beth A. Eck

 Dr. Beth A. Eck

Professor of Sociology                                                 Department Head, Sociology and Anthropology


   Office Location: Sheldon 123
   Phone: (540) 568-6171
   E-mail: eckba (at) jmu (dot) edu


   B.A., Westminster College 
   M.A., Ph.D., University of Virginia


Sociology of Families; Individual in Society; Families, Cultures, Societies


Families, Gender, Culture, Self and Society

Affiliated Status:

Faculty Affiliate, Center for Faculty Innovation (CFI)

Recent Publications:

2014. "Compromising Positions: Unmarried Men, Heterosexuality, and Two Phase Masculinity." Men and Masculinities, 17, 2: 147-172.

2013. "Identity Twists and Turns: How Never-Married Men Make Sense of an Unanticipated Identity." Journal of  Contemporary Ethnography, 42, 1: 29-61.

2007. "Men are Much Harder: Gendered Viewing of Nude Images", Gender and Society. October 2003. Reprinted in Men's Lives, 7th Edition. Michael Kimmel and Michael Messner (eds.), Allyn and Bacon.

Recent Study:

Exploring the lives of middle-aged single men with a focus on identity, masculinity, and cultural perceptions.