Adjunct Assistant Professor of Sociology

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Ph.D, Sociology, Middlesex University, UK
MSc, Social Science Research Methods, Middlesex University, UK
BA, Social Anthropology with African and Asian Studies, Sussex University, UK


Sociology of Childhood


Play, Playwork, youth culture and identity, social constructions of children and childhood, children’s rights, out of school learning, children and social policy, sexuality education, health and wellbeing; ethnography and participatory research.


2012, Smith, H.H. ‘Children and Social Change: Memories of Diverse Childhoods’ by Dorothy Moss. Book Review. International Journal of Play, London: Taylor & Francis Ltd.

2011, Smith, H.H. ‘Playwork, After School Care and Empowering Children’. Playwords, 43.

2007, Smith, H.H. ‘Not Something We’re New To, It’s Something We Grew To: Reflections on Urban Cultural Identities, Anthropology and Cultural Representations’. Journal of Creative Communications, Vol. 2, 219–244. SAGE: Los Angeles, London, New Delhi, Singapore.

Recent Presentations:
2014, Smith, H.H. and Maurice, M., ‘Overcoming Barriers to In-School “Draw the Line, Respect the Line” Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program Delivery’. Poster presentation of a Competitive Personal Responsibility Education Program (C-PREP)-funded initiative, for the Administration on Children, Youth, and Families, Family and Youth Services Bureau Annual Conference, Washington DC, USA

2011, Smith, H. H., ‘Children’s Empowerment, Play and Informal Learning in Two After School Clubs’. National Playwork Conference, UK

2007, Smith, H. H. and Wheway, R., ‘Children at Play in Open Access Play Areas’. National Play Research Network Meeting, London, UK

Awards and Scholarships

Economic and Social Research Council, Full Scholarship to complete MSc and PhD programs.

Current Projects

‘Researching Play from a Playwork Perspective’, invited book chapter, UK;

‘Parents’ views of sexuality education in schools’, article, USA;

‘Parents’ and Children’s Attitudes to Risk and Play across the UK’, article.

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