Assistant Professor of Anthropology

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B.A., Yale University
M.A., Ph.D. Brown University


Introduction to Archaeology; Buried Cities, Lost Tribes; The Pre-Columbian World in 100 Objects


Archaeology, ethnohistory, and ethnography in Mesoamerica; Maya archaeology; waste, refuse, and reuse; ritual practice; zooarchaeology; human-animal relationships; ancient diet and subsistence


Newman, S.E. In press. Sharks in the Jungle: Real and Imagined Sea Monsters of the Maya. Antiquity.

Newman, S.E. In press. The Limits of ‘Palimpsest’: Architectural Ruins, Reuse and Remodeling among the Ancient Maya. In Palimpsests: Monuments, Sites, Time, edited by P. Wagoner, N. Asksamija, and C, Maines. Brepols, Turnhout.

Houston, S.D and Newman, S.E. In press. Olores placenteros y molestos entre los mayas del Clásico [Smells Fair and Foul Among the Classic Maya]. In Olores y sensibilidad olfativa en la historia de Mexico [Smells and Olfactory Sensibility in the History of Mexico], edited by E. Dupey García and G. Pinzón Ríos. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico, Mexico City.

Houston, S.D, Newman, S.E., Román, E., and Garrison, T.G. 2015. Temple of the Night Sun: A Royal Tomb at El Diablo, Guatemala. Pre-Columbia Mesoweb Press, San Francisco.

Newman, S.E. 2015. The Applications of Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) to the Study of Bone Surface Modifications. Journal of Archaeological Science 53: 536-549.

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