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Recent Faculty Articles / Book Chapters

Liam Buckley (Assistant Professor, Anthropology) “Gridwork in Gambian Colonial Photography,” in Critical Interventions: Journal of African Art History and Visual Culture 2:40-55, 2008.

Liam Buckley (Assistant Professor, Anthropology)  “Photography, Elegance and the Aesthetics of Citizenship,” In Visual Sense:  A Cultural Reader.  Elizabeth Edwards and Kaushik Bhaumik , eds.  New York:  Berg Press 2008

Kerry Dobransky (Assistant Professor, Sociology). “The Good, the Bad, and the Severely Mentally Ill: Official and Informal Labels as Organizational Resources in Community Mental Health Services,” in Social Science and Medicine 69:722-728, 2009.

Richard Lawler (Assistant Professor, Anthropology) 2009. Monogamy, monomorphism, and mechanisms of sexual dimorphism. Journal of Human Evolution 57: 321-325.

Richard Lawler (Assistant Professor, Anthropology) with Richard AF, Dewar RE, Schwartz M, Ratsirarson J, Caswell H. (2009) Demography of Verreaux's sifaka in a stochastic rainfall environment Oecologia 161: 491-504.

Amy Paugh (Assistant Professor, Anthropology) and Carolina Izquierdo (Anthropology UCLA) wrote “Why is this a Battle Every Night?: Negotiating Food and Eating in American Dinnertime Interaction,” Journal of Linguistic Anthropology, 19(2), 2009 (December), 185-204.

Amy Paugh (Assistant Professor, Anthropology) 2008. “Language Socialization in Working Families.” Encyclopedia of Language and Education, Volume 8: Language Socialization. Patricia Duff and Nancy Hornberger, eds. Pp. 101-113. New York: Springer.

Amy Paugh (Assistant Professor, Anthropology) 2007. “Everyday Moments: Finding ‘Quality Time’ in American Working Families,” with Tamar Kremer-Sadlik. Time & Society 16(2/3):287-308.

Stephen Poulson (Assistant Professor, Sociology) “Nested Institutions, Political Opportunity and the Decline of the Iranian Reform Movement Post 9/11,” American Behavioral Scientist 53(1):27-43, 2009.           

Stephen Poulson (Assistant Professor, Anthropology) “Autism, Through a Social Lens,” Contexts: Understanding People in the Social World 8(2):40-46, 2009.  

Stephen Poulson (Assistant Professor, Anthropology) “Mobilizing Interests in Iran: Press Activism and Interest Group Mobilization during the Civil Society Debate (1997-2004),” Pp. 241-260 in Interest Groups & Lobbying: Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, edited by Conor McGrath. London: Edwin Mellon Publishing Group, 2009.

Christine Robinson (Associate Professor, Sociology) Order in Chaos: Security Culture as Anarchist Resistance to the Terrorist Label in Deviant Behavior: An Interdisciplinary Journal, April 2008