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Anthropology Faculty and Staff

Name Position Subfield Office Phone E-mail (@jmu.edu)
Dr. Dennis Blanton Assistant Professor Archaeology Sheldon 210 568-7390 blantodb
Dr. Liam Buckley Associate Professor, Program Coordinator Cultural Sheldon 117 568-6171 bucklelm
Dr. Clarence Geier Professor Emeritus
Archaeology Arch. Lab 568-6011 geiercr
Dr. Leslie Harlacker Adjunct Asstistant Professor Biological Sheldon 216 568-6171 harlacla
Dr. Rebecca Howes-Mischel Assistant Professor Cultural Sheldon 120 568-6171 howesmre
Dr. Richard Lawler Associate Professor Biological Sheldon 209 568-6171 lawlerrr
Dr. Laura Lewis Professor Emeritus Cultural -- -- lewis2la
Dr. Joshua Linder Assistant Professor Biological Sheldon 202 568-6900 linderjm
Dr. Amy Paugh Associate Professor
Linguistic Sheldon 203 568-6171 paughal
Dr. Mieka Polanco Assistant Professor Cultural Sheldon 215 568-7972 polancmb
Dr. Justin Shaffner Assistant Adjunct Professor Cultural Sheldon 117 568-6171 shaffnjr
Dr. Julie Solometo Associate Professor Archaeology Sheldon 207 568-6981 solomejp
Dr. Clare Terni Adjunct Assistant Professor Cultural Sheldon 201 568-6983 ternicm
Dr. Megan Tracy Assistant Professor Cultural Sheldon 218 568-6171 tracy2me
Dr. Janette Wallis Assistant Adjunct Professor Biological Sheldon 203 568-6171 walliscj
Sharon Loyd Office Manager   Sheldon 122 568-6171 loydsl

Other Anthropologists on Campus and Anthropology Affiliates

Name Position Phone E-mail (@jmu.edu)
Dr. Matthew Chamberlin Assistant Professor and faculty advisor, IDLS   chambema
Dr. Jennifer Coffman Assoc. Executive Director, OIP 568-3376 coffmaje
Dr. Will Garriott Assistant Professor, Justice Studies 568-5958 garriowc
Dr. Fletcher Linder Assoc. Professor, Director IDLS 568-5270 lindergf
Dr. Carole Nash Geographic Science
568-6805 nashcl
Dr. Roshna Wunderlich Assoc. Professor, Biology 568-6930 wunderre