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Career Examples

Working as a professional anthropologist usually requires at least a graduate degree. An undergraduate degree in anthropology, however, provides a solid foundation from which to pursue a career. Graduates with a degree in anthropology have pursued graduate school for and/or secured positions as:

Anthropologist Cultural affairs director Market researcher
Archaeologist Forensic Scientist Museum curator
Archivist Genealogist News reporter
Biological Anthropologist Historical archeologist Paralegal
Business executive International development consultant Public affairs director
City planner Lawyer Teacher
College librarian Management trainee Technical writer

Career Paths

The anthropology major is a liberal arts program that stresses marketable skills such as

• Basic research analytical skills
• Computer skills
• Critical thinking
• Global knowledge
• Rigorous writing

What Can I Do With A Major In Anthropology?
There are many reasons to study anthropology at JMU and to pursue anthropology as a career.

The American Anthropological Association (AAA) answers many of your questions about majoring in anthropology

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Did you know that many well known actors, writers, politicians, artists, chefs, and musicians majored in anthropology?  Read more about these folks here.  There are so many ways you can use an anthropology degree!

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Anthropologists are needed all over the world.  Read why anthropologists are needed during crises of human health, such as the recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

Career Resources
JMU Career and Academic Planning is a great resource for students looking for career paths in Anthropology.