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Anthropology is unique among the social sciences in that it celebrates humans as biological organisms and as innovative, creative, culture bearing beings.

Through coursework, field schools, study abroad, independent studies and internships, students learn about cultural, linguistic and biological diversity, human biological characteristics, and the human past as revealed by archaeology.

The anthropology program provides globally-orientated courses that stress critical thinking, method and theory, gathering and interpreting data, intensive reading and writing, hands-on learning, and the research methods and techniques used by anthropologists to understand contemporary human problems.


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We are excited to welcome Dr. Dennis Blanton to the Anthropology program at JMU!

Alumnae David Godfrey contributes to videoOur alumnae David Godfrey, now a graduate student in Anthropology at the University of South Florida, contributed to this video explaining what many anthropologists do and why anthropology is important. Click here to view the video

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