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Scholarship Information for prosPective students

Thank you for your interest in scholarship opportunities at James Madison University. As you review this web site, please contact us if you have any questions. We are here to help you identify the resources you need.

The Centennial Scholars Program

James Madison University has developed a new program to lower the barrier of financing the cost of higher education for qualified under-represented students who would not be able to enroll at a four-year institution for financial reasons.  The program provides a financial aid package that covers the full billable cost to attend JMU in the form of grants.  These funds cover tuition, fees, room and board for a maximum of four years for freshman, and two years for transfer students and graduate students. Visit http://www.jmu.edu/centscholars/index.html for more information.

Thomas A. Dingledine Scholarship for Achievement in Academics and Service

Early action freshman applicants are invited to apply for merit-based awards through the Dingledine Scholarship Program. Visit http://www.jmu.edu/admissions/apply/scholarships-ding.shtml for more information.

Madison Award for Academic Excellence

The Madison Award for Academic Excellence are merit-based awards which recognize a broad spectrum of accomplishment and potential. Visit http://www.jmu.edu/admissions/apply/scholarships-mas.shtml for more information.

Second Century Scholars Scholarship Program

Freshman students enrolling in one of the designated STEM (Science,Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) programs may qualify to be recognized as Second Century Scholars and receive scholarship support. Visit http://www.jmu.edu/admissions/apply/scholarships-stem.shtml for more information.

Sarah Lanier Tabb Oliver Scholarship

This scholarship assists female students who, for financial reasons, would not be able to attend JMU. If you are a high school senior, resident of Virginia, and have substantial financial need, the application is now available for the class entering Fall 2017.  Begin the application process here, and submit all required materials by March 31.

Foundation Scholarships

Some departments offer scholarships to entering freshmen. You can explore these JMU Foundation Scholarships through our web site. We have organized these awards by college or other university subdivision. Select the college or division of your choice, review selection criteria, and contact the designated department for information regarding application procedures. These academic units will not utilize your application for admission for scholarship selection purposes. Application requirements may differ among departments.

Please note that your receipt of scholarship funds may reduce your eligibility for need based financial aid. 

Departmental Scholarships

Some departments award scholarships from internal resources. You can review a partial list of Departmental Scholarships through this web site. For complete information regarding the availability of institutional funds in your field of interest, contact the department of your selected major. Be aware that your department may not fund internal scholarships.
Please note that your receipt of scholarship funds may reduce your eligibility for need based financial aid. 

Private Scholarships

You may wish to explore Outside Scholarship opportunities to assist with your educational expenses at JMU. Private scholarships can originate from any non JMU source.
If you receive a private scholarship, complete an online Supplemental Information Sheet to inform the financial aid office regarding your good fortune. Please do not use this form for scholarships awarded to you by JMU. According to state and federal regulations, we must consider outside sources of financial assistance when awarding aid. 

Naquin Family Scholarship

The Naquin Family Scholarship is awarded annually to an outstanding incoming freshman student scholar.  The scholarship may be renewed for up to three (3) additional years.

The Office of Admission shall select the freshman recipient of the scholarship in accordance with the Bluestone Scholars program.  As a Bluestone Scholar, the student selected to receive the Naquin Family Scholarship shall demonstrate meritorious achievement in each of the following areas:

-          Volunteerism;

-          Academic achievement; and,

-          Participation in the student’s high school community;

The student must be a United States citizen.  The scholarship is not need-based.

Beyond the above criteria, the appointment of a student as a Naquin Family Scholar shall follow the University’s guidelines for the awarding of scholarships.


Our Mission Statement
Recognizing our responsibility for continuous improvement and for the overall education and development of our students, we will ASSIST with identifying and obtaining resources to finance higher education;
DELIVER funds in a timely and equitable manner; and EDUCATE, so that informed financial decisions can be made.

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