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Philosophy & Religion

Application procedures may vary.  For additional information or application procedures, contact the department or visit their website: http://www.jmu.edu/philrel/

Michael L. Allain Scholarship Endowment in Classical Studies

     Need Based? Yes
     Freshman Only? No

Established by Prof. Violet Allain and Anastasia Allain in honor of Prof. Michael L. Allain by creating a scholarship endowment to be known as the Michael L. Allain Scholarship Endowment in Classical Studies, which will provide financial resources each year in support of undergraduate students pursuing a minor in Classical Studies. Each year, one student shall be appointed to receive this scholarship. To be eligible for this scholarship, a student must demonstrate - as a first priority - a need for financial assistance, as determined by the university's Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships; and - as a second priority - an outstanding record of academic achievement in the pursuit of a minor in Classical Studies. The selection of Michael L. Allain Classical Studies Scholars shall be made in a manner determined at the discretion of the coordinator for the Minor in Classical Studies program, in consultation with the Dean for the College of Arts & Letters. Beyond the above criteria, the appointment of a student to receive this scholarship shall follow the University's guidelines for the awarding of scholarships


Warren W. Hobbie Estate Scholarship

     Need Based? No
     Freshman Only? No

An endowed scholarship established with a grant from the Warren W. Hobbie estate to award a scholarship with preference given to students planning to serve their fellow man through organized religion.


Our Mission Statement
Recognizing our responsibility for continuous improvement and for the overall education and development of our students, we will ASSIST with identifying and obtaining resources to finance higher education;
DELIVER funds in a timely and equitable manner; and EDUCATE, so that informed financial decisions can be made.

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Susan K. Moyers
Associate Director for Grants & Scholarships
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Steven Cox

Assistant Director for Scholarships

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Vivian Ferris
Scholarship Coordinator

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