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We Can Help

Build Your Online Presence
Creating your department's online presence can be a daunting task. Find out how SATS can help you develop effective web sites and social media campaigns.

Plan Your Digital Marketing
Developing an effective digital marketing strategy defines a path for reaching your intended audience. SATS can help you define and achieve your digital marketing goals.

Collect and Organize Your Data
Organizing your files or documents digitally can improve efficiency and productivity in your department. Find out how SATS can help you get your data in order.

Simplify a Business Process
If find yourself thinking "There has to be an easier way to do this!" there probably is. Collaborate with SATS to identify solutions to complicated or cumbersome processes.  Find out how we can assist you in making your services or procedures more efficient for your staff and the students you serve.

Support Your Technology Decisions
Need help or advice with a technical decisions? Improving your services can come down to implementing the right technology and hiring the right people to use it. SATS can assist with decisions about acquiring, implementing, and utilizing technology in your office.