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Travel Policies of Sports Clubs


Participants are expected to conduct themselves in a manner compatible with James Madison University rules and regulations, local and state laws, and governing body guidelines. The use and/or possession of alcohol and/or other controlled substances is prohibited during sport club recognized events and/or travel. All participants are required to sign the TRAVEL CONDUCT FORM and comply with the "NIRSA STANDARDS OF CONDUCT FOR SPORT CLUB EVENTS."


All travel requiring funding from the FEB must be budgeted by the SCC and approved by the Sport Club Coordinator before the trip or any contract for travel-related services are arranged. This includes pre-payments for any travel-related expenditures and contractual services. All travel arrangements using FEB funds must be submitted on a REQUEST FOR TRAVEL form (State vehicle requests, reimbursements for gas, air transportation, conference fees, rental vehicles, hotels). If prior approval is not obtained, the individual making the arrangements will be held responsible for paying for services rendered and an academic hold will be placed on his/her account until payment is received.

  • REIMBURSEMENT Reimbursements may occur for travel related expenses only if the travel has been approved on with a travel request or travel authorization. Reimbursements without prior travel approval will not be allowed. Receipts are required for any reimbursements. All reimbursements must be requested in writing using a PURCHASE REQUEST and must include the proper receipts. JMU cannot reimburse individuals not affiliated with the club or the university. Expenses incurred by these individuals are excluded by university policy.

  • UNIVERSITY VEHICLES State vehicles are available for use with approval from the Sport Club Coordinator. With prior approval, mileage and gas will be billed directly to the clubs FEB account. The SCC or UREC will not pay for unapproved trips under any circumstances. Individuals making the arrangements will be held responsible for the payment of any unapproved services rendered. Below are steps to securing

    • University Vehicle.

    • Submit and have REQUEST FOR TRAVEL FORM approved

    • Contact the Office of Events and Conferences to check for availability

    • Have faculty/staff advisors sign the vehicle request form and assume responsibility for the observation of all regulations

    • If a club is in Harrisonburg and the vehicles need gas, they must take the vehicle to Facility Management Garage

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