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General District Court Public Access Computers Instructions

  1. Hit "Clear" button

  2. Type "DMSSSCT01" (must be all caps, second to last digit is a zero)

  3. Hit "Enter"

  4. Type "CASE MGMT" (must be all caps with space between words)

  5. Hit "Enter"

  6. Wait a second or two - then hit "Enter" again

  7. Left computer - type"PP165G". Right computer - type "AS165G"

  8. Hit "Enter"

  9. Hit "Enter" again

  10. "CMS" screen appears - hit "Enter" as instructed to continue

  11. Menu appears - select "6" then press "Enter" for name index database

  12. At the top of the screen, you'de type the following to find me: S Brod, B (then hit "Enter" key)

    • You'de see I had a traffic citation (expired decal). You could have typed "S Brod, Brandon" and have found the same thing - but this isn't true for some people who have more then one charge! Entries are not at all standardized - ex.: Benjamin Doyle is listed under "Doyle, Ben", "Doyle, Benjamin Couper" and "Doyle, Benjamin C". I have also noticed some spelling inconsistencies. Only way to locate all of his charges is to search using "Doyle, B".

    • You'll notice a "PP" at end of my line for pre-paid, guilty. Other symbols include "G" for guilty, "GA" for guilty in absence, NP for Nolle Prosse, "D" for dismissed, "NG" for not guilty, "A" for Active case, etc.

  13. To inquire more about my charge (disposition, fines paid, DMV, jail time, probation, etc):

    • Make sure cursor is at top left of screen (where the "S" is/was)

    • Type "I Brod, B" over it, press "Enter"

    • You'll be prompted to select the case you wish to inquire about

    • Move cursor to the very beginning of my line, then press "Enter"

    • Initial screen appears telling you more about the charge - but to find out fines/costs/jail time/probation etc you must type "H" then

    • "Enter" and you'll be taken to a second screen with this info.

    • Hit "X" then "Enter" to toggle back to name search index screen


  • Everything you do on these computers is case sensitive. These computers do "freeze up" on occasion as well.

  • The "shift" key for changing case is an arrow facing right - doesn't say "shift"

  • "PF1" key at the top of the keyboard will take you back to main menu, and you can always hit "Clear" button and start over again

  • From main menu, choosing "6" (name index) doesn't always pull up all charges in the database. Ex.: if searching for John W. Davis (expelled JMU student) under "6", only 15 of his 22 criminal charges would appear. Going back to the main menu, choose "H" (inactive database) then type "Davis, John W" where prompted then press "Enter" and the other seven cases would appear.

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