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Military Deployment - Withdrawl from JMU

Please read all information carefully!

Enclosed please find the necessary Withdrawal Forms you must submit to become officially withdrawn from James Madison University. All forms must be filled out completely and returned in the addressed envelope. All you need to do is put a stamp on it. We cannot process your withdrawal until we receive all relevant forms back.

Along with the completed Withdrawal Form, you must send a copy of your military orders for your file.

If you have time and you are able to meet with your professors before you leave, here are your options for your classes:

  1. You may choose a full withdrawal from all classes;

  2. You may work with professors on receiving an incomplete in a course and will need to finish that upon your return;

  3. Your professor may assign you a grade for the class as if it is complete;

  4. A combination of these options.

As this is only September, in most cases a full withdrawal will probably be the most effective choice. There is a place on the back of the Withdrawal Form where you will need to clarify your choice from above. My office will follow up and get verification from the professor for whatever you indicate on the Withdrawal Form.

You can also take a copy of your orders to the bookstore and receive reimbursement for your books.

If you live on campus, you must officially check out of your hall with your Hall Director or RA, and return your keys in order to receive any board refund.

For your convenience, I have also included the Intent to Enroll form. Students who have been absent from JMU for one or more semesters but less than two calendar years must submit this form to the Office of the Registrar or the Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs.

If you have any questions, please call 540-568-2895.


Kristin L. Radcliffe
Associate Director of the University and College Centers for
Student Organization Services
Taylor Hall, Room 205A

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