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Sample Lighting & Safety Tour - Fall

To: Mr. Charles W. King, Jr., Mr. G. Michael Davis, Mr. Steven C. Knickrehm

From: Alan MacNutt

Subject: Fall Lighting Tour

Date: November 4, 2000

On the evening of Wednesday, November 1 at 7:00p.m., Lt. Scott Coverstone, of this department; Ted Pelikan, Associate Director, Facilities Management; Ms. Mecca Marsh, Head Resident, Potomac Hall, Office of Residence Life; David Mars, University Electrical Engineer; John Ventura, Residence Life Facilities Manager; joined with me on the annual Fall Lighting and Safety Tour.

I have prioritized lighting recommendations and separated tree/shrub, other non lighting, and blue light items from the lighting categories in the following order:

  • Blue lights
  • General remarks and compliments
  • Pruning, limbing up, trimming, topping, thinning out tress and shrubs
  • Recommended non lighting repairs and upgrades
  • Existing lights out in need of repair or replacement
  • Lighting Recommendations, prioritized

Blue lights and/or phones are recommended for installation at the following campus locations:

  • Install blue light on existing emergency phone of the east exterior wall of the Motor Pool building (outside the Alternative Fuel garage);
  • once the deck is complete, one at the southwest corner;
  • lower (gravel) level of the "Z" lot install blue light on existing emergency phone on west exterior wall of the former CISAT modular building;
  • southwest corner of big "J" lot near McGraw-Long;
  • at least three more blue light phones on Greek Row (one each end, one lakeside near arched footbridge);
  • sentiment was for retrofitting existing emergency phone locations at entrances of residence halls and at Facilities Management fuel pumps with blue lights
  • exterior of Painting and Drawing Studio, S. Main St., at west entranceor on nearby building housing College of Business office


  • the high standard cluster light pole erected in the A/B Convo lot improves the lighting in the lower and upper level lots, a second standard on the opposite side would complete the upgrade;
  • HEC installed additional police/arm lamps in the Z lot during the summer months which improved illumination.

Pruning, trimming, limbing up, selectively thinning out, and topping:

  • Growth in and around "E" lot and berm is obstructing available light;
  • Trees and shrubs on either side of entrance lane to the Z lot are in need of severe trim due to encroaching the lot access roadway - there was a report of an indecent exposure on the west side the day of the light tour;
  • Trim trees and shrubs in R-2 (former Z) lot, generally trim, limb up, and top trees and shrubs throughout R-2 lot, especially tree enveloping the lights;
  • Selectively remove some mature R-2 lot trees and shrubs due to overcrowding;
  • Clean out brush growing between primary and secondary perimeter fences surrounding the R-2 lot;
  • Dismantle the "fort" built by neighborhood youths located between the double row fence on the west side of the lower R-2 lot;
  • Thin out trees along Bluestone between Sonner and WVPT-TV (spillway), on the south side of Sonner, and by the Board of Visitors' lot;
  • Pine forest west of Convo "D" lot service drive and University Blvd. and south of the "D" lot tennis courts need to be trimmed, limbed up and selectively thinned out. They are encroaching on the roadways;
  • Bradford pears along the Convo "D" lot and University Blvd. Are in need of several trimming and limbing. They are encroaching on the roadways, lot, and lights;
  • Weeping cherries need to be trimmed in the diamond island at intersection of University Blvd. And the UREC access road;
  • Spruces and shrubs surrounding White, Dingledine, Ikenberry need to be limbed up and thinned out, some are blocking wall pack lights;
  • Trim hedge row leading to Dingledine entrance;
  • Cut large shrubs at steps next to the Ikenberry TV lounge;
  • Trim trees along the double side walk running up through "Village;"
  • Thin and trim trees around the "baby" J lot northwest of "Village;"
  • Hawthorns, shrubs on "H" lot side of, and between Roop and Logan Halls need to be thinned, trimmed, and selectively removed, they are obstructing available light;
  • Trim trees and clear brush from around Y lot drain;
  • Limb up Southern Magnolia trees north end of Cleveland Hall;
  • Prune Maple north island of the M lot;
  • Thin and limb between J lot and McGraw-Long.

Recommended non lighting repairs and upgrades:

  • Some sort of barrier needed along the CISAT walk to prevent people, mowers, snow scraping equipment from rolling down into retention pond
  • Widen the walk/service drive in front (east) of Hillside for fire apparatus

Existing lights out in need of repair or replacement:

  • Rear of Medical Arts, change incandescent flood lamps to Sodium Vapor or Metal Halide; there is too much glare, not enough light broadcast now;
  • One rear wall mount light out under the overhang of 1041 East Medical Arts;
  • Pole lamp out 1031 East Medical Arts parking lot;
  • HEC pole light #10C40 intermittently turns on and off during hours of darkness;
  • Lights are out north end of Food Service warehouse;
  • Pole light out at Convo crosswalk across University Blvd. opposite Convo C lot;
  • Pole lamp # CV18 out in the Convo lot;
  • Pole light out south east corner outside modular building at top of the stairs;
  • "Box" light out rear of Potomac Hall;
  • Double pole lamp out Festival bus stop;
  • Make sure the Chapellear/Frederikson basketball court lights remain "on" during hours of darkness;
  • New lense needed on light over the Keezell north side door;
  • Replace globe on pole light at the "button hook" intersection of Alumnae and Madison Drives;
  • Pole light out next to Handicapped spaces in E lot;
  • North side of Hillside residence, pole lamp # 6 is out;
  • Replace existing "Village" and "Hillside" pole lamps with the "shoe box" type now used on Greek row;
  • Replace existing pole lamps along fire lane behind Shorts and Chandler with "shoe box" type

PRIORITY ONE installation recommendations:

  • Lake side of the south side stadium stands and lake service drive are very dark when stadium is not illuminated, incorporate this in construction of new deck;
  • Wallpack needed west end or south side stadium stands overlooking old broad jump (now grassy and piney) area, this is very dark;
  • Wallpack on southeast corner (Board Room wing) of Chandler;
  • Lights needed between trailers 4 and 5 and 3 and 2b west of former CISAT modular building;
  • Lighting needed between Potomac and Chesapeake Halls;
  • Install wall pack on exterior of "A" section of Huffman;
  • Dark between Chips and R-1 lot along railroad and tennis courts


  • Motor Pool lot needs illumination, pole lights suggested;
  • It is also dark behind the Recycling Center, South Main;
  • Lot behind CISAT A-2 is dark;
  • Install wall packs on exterior corners of TV lounges of all "Village" residences overhead of entrance walks/steps like now exists at Weaver Hall;
  • Need high wall packs between Chesapeake and Potomac and on the south exterior wall of Chesapeake
  • Improve lighting levels on north side of Sonner
  • Light needed in grassy area between "Village" and baseball stadium;
  • C6 (old "baby" J) lot is dark;
  • It is dark east and west of Gowin Hall;
  • It is dark in rose garden between Keezell and Wilson


  • Install double arm pole lamp where single arm now exists at Convo D lot;
  • Hilltop between Blue Ridge and Potomac Halls is dark;
  • South side of Showker is dark
  • Small wall packs on Greek arch bridge abutments would illuminate the thresholds of the bridge


  • The curtilage northeast of McGraw-Long needs additional lighting
  • When and where possible, replace older style pole lights with the type now in place along Greek Row

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