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Dean of the College of Integrated Science and Technology (CISAT)

  • Oversees and administers all aspects of the college, which includes the Department of Integrated Science and Technology (ISAT)

ISAT Program Director:

  • Ultimately responsible for chemical hygiene and safety for the department, and must, with other administrators, provide continuing support for departmental chemical hygiene and safety

CISAT Laboratory Manager

  • Oversees the activities of the Chemical Hygiene and Safety Officer, and provides continuing support for departmental chemical hygiene and safety

ISAT Chemical Hygiene and Safety Officer:

  • Works with administrators and other employees, as well as students, to develop and implement appropriate chemical hygiene policies and practices

  • Monitors procurement, use, and disposal of chemicals used in ISAT laboratories

  • Provides regular, formal chemical hygiene and housekeeping inspections, including routine inspections of emergency equipment, and sees that appropriate audits are maintained

  • Helps faculty and students develop precautions and adequate facilities for work anticipated to be done in all laboratories, and informs students, faculty and staff, and the Laboratory Manager of safety infractions and other laboratory chemical and equipment problems

  • Seeks ways continually to improve the ISAT Chemical/Biochemical Hygiene & Laboratory Equipment Safety Plan

Faculty Members/Laboratory Supervisors/Laboratory Instructors/Project Directors & Research Advisers:

  • Responsible for chemical hygiene and safety in the particular laboratory under his/her jurisdiction at a particular time. Such times include

    • meetings of formal laboratory classes
    • instructional sessions for lab supervisors and instructors
    • lab exercise set-up periods
    • faculty-student research sessions

  • Ensure that laboratory workers know and follow the chemical hygiene and safety rules, that protective equipment is available and is in working order, and that appropriate training has been provided

  • Know the current legal requirements for regulated substances used in the laboratory

  • Determine the required levels of protective apparel and equipment by personnel occupying a laboratory at any time

  • Ensures that the facilities for, and proper training needed for, the use of hazardous equipment and materials being used in the laboratory are adequate

Laboratory Workers and Students:

  • Responsible for planning and conducting all operations in accordance with the ISAT Chemical/Biochemical Hygiene & Laboratory Equipment Safety Plan, as directed by those persons in charge of the laboratory

  • Develop good personal chemical hygiene and safety habits as stated in this manual; in the ISAT Safety Training Manual given to new ISAT faculty, graduate assistants, and student laboratory assistants; as well as in the safety document issued to students as part of their course syllabi

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