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Permissble Exposure Limits / Employee Exposure Determination

Permissble Exposure Limits

For laboratory uses of OSHA regulated substances, the employer shall assure that laboratory employees' exposures to such substances do not exceed the permissible exposure limits (PEL) specified in 29 CFR part 1910, Z tables (Attachment 2).

Employee Exposure Determination

Initial Monitoring: Initial employee exposure monitoring should be conducted when there is reason to believe that exposure levels for OSHA-regulated substances routinely exceed the action level (or in the absence of an action level, the PEL).

Periodic Monitoring: If the initial monitoring discloses employee exposure over the action level (or PEL), the employer shall immediately comply with the exposure monitoring provisions of the relevant standard.

Termination of Monitoring: Monitoring may be terminated in accordance with the relevant standard.

Employee Notification of Results: The employer shall, within 15 working days after the receipt of any monitoring results, notify the employee of these results in writing by posting results in the departmental office.

Records: Records of exposure monitoring results should be maintained by employer for 30 years and be accessible to employees or their representatives.

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