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Insurance and Medical Treatment Related to Short-Term International Programs

Insurance Coverage

Students participating in a study abroad program are strongly urged to have hospitalization and medical insurance that is valid outside the United States. It is the student's responsibility to know about his/her coverage and to accept any financial risk that may occur. Proof of coverage is not required; however, we will enforce that requirement in the rare cases where proof of health insurance is required for a student to obtain a visa permitting them to enter the country and participate in the program. The OIP maintains a list of companies that provide term insurance for students and travelers.

Medical Expenses

Students should be advised to have access to enough money, through a credit card for example, to be able to pay for any medical services they might need. In the event of a medical emergency, the PD is advised that any decision made to pay for medical services for a student is a personal one. JMU cannot be expected to reimburse the PD in case the student decides not to do so. This is not to indicate less of an interest in the welfare of the student, but rather to eliminate any misconception that every student participant is fully covered by insurance for their medical care and that you could expect to be reimbursed at some point. This is a financial and liability matter, not an indication that a faculty member should draw back from helping students get medical care, from accompanying them to a doctor, clinic or hospital, etc. It is the responsibility of PD to make inquiries regarding available medical and professional services near the program site and to provide information for participants, and to help participants obtain the services they may need during the program.

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