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Severe Winter Storms

Severe winter Storms - We do encounter severe storms in the Shenandoah Valley during autumn, winter and early spring that take the form of ice, snow, and freezing rain. Listen to building coordinators, and local weather forecasts. A storm "watch" tells of an approaching storm, a "warning" indicated a storm is imminent. Blizzard conditions mean high winds, extreme cold temperatures (all conducive to wind chill hazards), wind borne objects, downed electrical wires, fallen trees and branches. Avoid overexertion which can cause overheating followed by chilling and frostbite. Travel only in emergency, have full tank of gas, tell people your destination and estimated time of arrival. Use main roads and travel by daylight. Use snow tires or chains. If stuck, stay in car and wait for help. Run engine briefly and crack window for fresh air. Make sure exhaust system does not get covered and cause carbon monoxide to accumulate inside the car. If at local ski areas during a severe storm, remain where you are at the lodge until the storm passes and the roads are passable.

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