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Hurricane are common to this area, though the winds are usually much less than on the coastal plain or piedmont to the east of the Blue Ridge. But even in reduced strength as a tropical storm fairly high winds and tremendous amounts of precipitation are encountered which can cause much property damage, injury, and loss of life. Stock up on flashlights, portable radios, and batteries. Gas up your car in advance. Listen to instructions from your building coordinators. Keep away from windows, the winds or wind borne object may strike and shatter them. Stay tuned to your radio for local information. Do not be fooled by the "eye" of the storm, stay inside, soon the winds will pick up from the opposite direction. After the storm stay away from disaster areas, use the phone for emergency calls only, and don't drive unless necessary. Fallen wires, trees falling due to softened ground, broken glass and protruding nails in boards submerged under water are highly likely.

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