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OSHA Color Code Guide

  1. Red - shall be the basic color for identification.

    1. Fire Alarm Boxes (Pull Type)

    2. Fire Blanket Boxes

    3. Fire Buckets- Pails

    4. Fire Exit Signs

    5. To identify Fire Extinguisher location background

    6. Fire Hose locations

    7. fire Hydrants (industrial)

    8. Fire Pumps

    9. Post Indicator Valves for Sprinkler Systems

    10. Sprinkler Piping

    11. All Safety Cans or containers of flammable liquids having a flash point below 80.

  2. Orange - shall be used to designate dangerous parts of Machinery or Energized Equipment which may cut, crush, shock or otherwise injure and to emphasize such hazards when enclosure doors are open or when Gear Belts or other guards around moving equipment are opened or removed, exposing unguarded hazards.

  3. Yellow - shall be basic color for designating Caution, and for marking physical hazards such as striking against stumbling, falling, tripping, and caught in between. Solid yellow, yellow and black stripes, yellow and black checkers or yellow with suitable background- using the combination which will attract the most attention in the particular environment.

  4. Green - safety and location of First Aid Equipment other than fire fighting equipment.

  5. Blue - color designation Caution, limited to warning against the starting, the use of, or the moving of equipment under repair or being worked on.

  6. Purple - Radioactive - Radiation Hazards such as X-ray, Alpha, Gamma, Neutron, Proton. Yellow should be used in combination with purple for markers, tags, labels, signs, floor markings.

  7. Black-White or combinations of white black - designation of traffic and housekeeping markings in accordance to local conditions.

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