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Equipment Operations

  1. Material Handling

    1. Are fiber rope and rope slings in good condition?

    2. Are wire rope and slings in good condition?

    3. Are chain slings and fastenings in good condition?

    4. Is ventilation adequate in battery recharging areas?

    5. Is fire extinguisher in working order on all motorized equipment?

    6. Are all slow-moving vehicles equipped with caution triangles?

  2. Portable Hand and Power Tools

    1. Are hand and portable tools in good condition?

    2. Are tools equipped with grounds and is wiring satisfactory?

    3. Are guards in good condition and adequate?

    4. Is compressed air used for cleaning regulated to 30 psi maximum?

    5. Is chip guarding and personal protective equipment provided for air cleaning?

    6. Are impact tools in good operating condition?

  3. Machine Guarding

    1. Are all machines secured to the floor?

    2. Is the point of operation guarded?

    3. Is illumination adequate?

    4. Are cut-off devices functioning properly?

    5. Is the noise level safe?

    6. Is the tripping mechanism adequately protected and is it operating properly?

    7. Are there any material flow problems?

  4. Material Storage

    1. Are gases, liquids, etc., properly labeled and stored?

    2. Where hazardous materials are stored, is the area fire safe & restricted?

    3. Is protective clothing worn when oxidizing agents are used?

    4. Are hazardous areas posted with NO SMOKING signs?

    5. Are materials stored so as to create a fire or safety hazard to employees?

    6. Is material storage on the exterior of building at least 15 feet from the building?

  5. Surface Preparation, Finishing and Preservation

    1. Are spray painting facilities properly shielded, ventilated and is approved explosive-atmosphere electrical equipment used?

    2. Is spray booth in good condition and free of paint accumulation?

    3. Do employees use face shields or other protective equipment when steam cleaning?

    4. Is drying equipment in god operating condition and is venting adequate?

  6. Person Protective Equipment

    1. Is protective equipment in use where required?

    2. Is protective equipment in good condition?

  7. Welding, Cutting, Heating and Brazing

    1. Are compressed gases properly stored?

    2. Are welding operations properly screened?

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