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Environmental Controls

  1. Noise

    1. Is protective equipment being worn where required?

    2. Does the noise level seem too high in any of the work areas?

  2. Dust, Fumes

    1. Are there any areas or operations that have dust or fume emissions?

    2. Is air dusty or vision obscured by haze?

  3. Vapors, Gases

    1. Are there any areas or operations when excessive vapors or gases exist?

    2. Are they any peculiar odors in any of the areas?

  4. Liquids

    1. Any accumulation of process compounds that constitute a hazard?

    2. Any evidence of excessive vapor or mists?

  5. Exhaust Ventilation

    1. Do ventilation systems appear to be free of obstructions, damaged, or missing piping?

    2. Any maintenance problems?

  6. Outside General Conditions

    1. Are oily wastes and acids properly disposed of?

    2. Are spent drums stored so as to prevent seepage into drains?

    3. Is disposal of trash and garbage satisfactory?

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