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Rescue Breathing

  1. Clear the airway:

    1. Hold the victim's mouth open with one hand using your thumb to depress the tongue...

    2. Make a Hook with the pointer finger of your other hand, and in a gentle sweeping motion reach into the victim's throat and feel for a swallowed foreign object which may be blocking the air passage.

    3. If still not successful in removing blockage of the airway by sweeping the victim's mouth perform abdominal thrusts and the Heimlich maneuver for as long as necessary.

  2. Give mouth-to-mouth breathing.

    1. Put your hand on the victim's forehead, pinching the nose shut with your fingers, while holding the forehead back.

    2. Your other hand is under the victim's neck supporting and lifting up slightly to maintain an open airway.

    3. Tape a deep breath. Open your mouth wide. Place it over the victim's mouth. Blow air into the victim until you see his or her chest rise...

    4. Remove your mouth from the victim's. Turn your head to the side and watch the victim's chest for a falling movement while you listen for air escaping from the victim's mouth as he or she exhales.

    5. If you hear air escaping and see the chest fall you know that rescue breathing is working. Continue until help arrives.

    6. Repeat the cycle every 5 seconds (12 breaths per minute).

  3. Mouth-to-mouth rescue breathing for a small child.

    1. Be careful tilting a small child's head back to clear the airway. It cannot tilt as far back as an adult.

    2. Cover the child's mouth and nose with your mouth.

    3. Blow air in with less pressure than for an adult. Give small puffs. A child needs less.

    4. Feel the chest inflate as you blow...

    5. Listen for exhales.

    6. Repeat once every 3 seconds (20 breaths per minute).

Note: It may take several hours to revive someone. Keep up rescue breathing until help arrives to relieve you. Remember you are doing the breathing for the victim. If you stop - in about 5 minutes - he or she could be dead!

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