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Fire Alarm Monitoring Guidelines

James Madison University Police Department communications personnel (JMU PD) currently monitor over 200 fire, intrusion, personal safety, panic, and environmental alarms from various University accounts by means of the Radionics 6500 Series Transceiver. All University alarm systems users must comply with the following policies and guidelines to ensure the safety of responding personnel. To enhance ability to respond appropriately to these alarms JMU PD requires that:

  • The James Madison University Police Department serves as a 24 hour central monitoring station for individual University Alarms. JMUPD will receive signals from independent alarm sites throughout JMU property and will direct a predetermined response to any monitored site based on the need to protect life and/or property whenever an activation signal is received from an alarmed area.

  • JMUPD is not responsible for the acquisition, installation, or routine maintenance of any alarm system in an area controlled by an office or department other than the Department of Public Safety.

  • All alarm systems must be assigned an individual account number by the University Police Department before any vendor installs a system that will transmit any signal to JMUPD's Central Alarm Panel.

  • All alarm vendors installing systems that will transmit any signal to the JMUPD's Central Alarm Panel must provide written documentation outlining specific zones, device types, signal definitions and areas of coverage prior to connection with our Central Alarm Panel.

  • The Police Communications Division must be able to identify the specific location of an alarm activation signal on their panel before they can dispatch Public Safety Personnel. The (JMU PD) will not accept signals from alarm systems that are partitioned to cover multiple areas of a structure under one alarm account signal. This is necessary for the safety of responding police personnel and it insures that the appropriate response is directed to an activation area expeditiously.

  • All University Departments and/or Offices having alarm systems installed must provide Keyholder/Contact information prior to alarm systems being activated and/or connected to the JMUPD Central Alarm Panel. Alarm Contact Data Sheets are available through Communications Division of the University Police Department and can either be mailed, email, or faxed to any requesting Keyholder.

  • The Keyholder will need to provide the appropriate Police Personnel [as indicated in the instructions on the Alarm Contact Data Sheet] with a current Alarm Reset Code and must notify JMUPD and other University Operations that may have access to the alarmed area, including Facilities Management personnel, IMMEDIATELY whenever the reset code is changed. If JMUPD has not been given the appropriate reset code, the Keyholder will be required to respond when an alarm activation signal is received from their area to reset their system.

  • Keyholders must also provide JMUPD with the name and contact information of their 24 hour alarm maintenance vendor.

  • If JMUPD routinely receives errant or false alarms from a monitored system, the Keyholder will be notified and given an opportunity to have the problem corrected in a timely fashion. If the problem remains uncorrected and continues to inappropriately tie up Public Safety resources as a result of system malfunctions, false alarms or system damage, JMUPD may place the system Out-of-Service. If the system is deemed critical and necessary for the protection of life or property JMU PD may contact the Alarm Vendor directly for an emergency response at the expense of the Keyholder to correct the problem. The Keyholder will be made aware of such action on the part of JMUPD as soon as reasonably possible.

  • In the event an Office or Department vacates an alarmed area owned or controlled by the University and the prior tenant leaves the alarm system for the new occupants, all alarm instructions, manuals, reset codes, system users, and relative system accessories are to be forwarded to the new Department Head, Building Coordinator, or Area Supervisor. JMUPD will need to be notified of any changes in requested response procedures and updated keyholder information as well.

Although the University Police Department does not routinely make official specification requirements for systems installed throughout campus other than their ability to be monitored by the Central Alarm Panel, personnel familiar with application of security technologies and crime prevention through environmental design are available from JMU PD. They will be glad to assist you in evaluating your specific needs and security concerns. They can make recommendations on the type of coverage that may be best suited to specific areas. This will not only help protect the area but will also be of the most use in identifying and apprehending potential violators targeting designated areas. Contact the Chief of Police for further information and assistance.

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