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Fire Hydrant Locations

No.   Location

  1. Corner of Walnut St. & Grace St. (NW corner of T-intersection)
  2. East end of O-Lot/71 W. Grace St. (@ wall just north of Facilities Management Garage/95 W. Grace St.))
  3. University Services Building/181 Patterson St. front cul-de-sac (east of front entrance)
  4. South side of Patterson St. (150' east of O-Lot ext./180 Patterson St.)
  5. South Main St. near Duke Hall (SW of Duke Hall/820 S. Main St.)
  6. I-Lot South @ Warsaw Ave. & Harrison St. (NW side of intersection)
  7. Main St./east side of street (100' north of Bluestone Dr. campus entr.)
  8. Main St./west side of street (1031 South Main St.)
  9. East corner of Duke Hall/820 S. Main St. (between M-Lot & Duke Hall)
  10. SE corner of Music Build./880 S. Main St.
  11. Bluestone Drive, east side of drive near Wampler Hall/10 Bluestone Dr.)
  12. Alumnae Drive behind Spotswood Hall/51 Alumnae Dr. (N side of build.)
  13. Alumnae Dr. & V-Lot/71 E. Grace St. (N side of Dr. & E of Cleveland Hall/61 E. Grace St.)
  14. North end of H-Lot/40 Bluestone Dr. behind & between Ashby Hall/50 Bluestone Dr. & Harrison Hall/54 Bluestone Dr.)
  15. Bluestone Dr. (N side of street, east end of Gifford Hall/20 Bluestone Dr.)
  16. East corner of Miller Hall/91 E. Grace St. just south of M-Lot/51 E. Grace St. exit onto Madison Dr.
  17. East side of Madison Dr. in front of Burruss Hall/820 Madison Dr.)
  18. Southwest corner of Roop Hall/60 Bluestone Dr. (East end of H-Lot/40 Bluestone Dr. north of Logan Hall/70 Bluestone Dr.)
  19. Directly in front (west side) of Keezell Hall/921 Madison Dr.
  20. In front (SW side) of Maury Hall/971 Madison Dr.
  21. Southeast corner of Varner House/80 Bluestone Dr. (N side of Bluestone Dr. across from Upper L-Lot entrance/81 Bluestone Dr.
  22. South corner of old RMH building near incinerator
  23. Northeast corner of Health Center/251 E. Grace St.
  24. Northwest side of Phillips Enter/261 Warren Service Drive (East side of road opposite the Carrier Library loading-dock drive.
  25. East of Wilson Auditorium/951 Madison Drive (SE corner of build.)
  26. Along sidewalk/drive off of Newman Drive (NE of Greek Row entrance between Newman Drive & small bridge over Newman Lake feeder stream)
  27. West side of Greek Row main walk/drive entrance gate -1050 Greek Row
  28. Greek Row main walk/drive - 1190-C Greek Row
  29. Greek Row main walk/drive - 1150-C Greek Row
  30. Greek Row main walk/drive - 1100-B Greek Row
  31. Greek Row main walk/drive - 1291-B Greek Row
  32. Northwest corner of Port-Republic Road & Bluestone Drive intersection.
  33. North (front) of Wine-Price Hall (N end , east side of parking area)
  34. East of Phillips Center/261 Warren Serv. Dr. (just North of picnic area).
  35. NE of Warren Complex Loading Dock/283 Warren Service Drive (N side of drive @ east end of E-Lot/260 Warren Service Drive
  36. Gibbons Hall loading-dock area/150 Bluestone Drive (SE of building)
  37. Lakeside of Bridgeforth Stadium/251 Bluestone Drive (about mid-point of lakeside stands).
  38. Sidewalk/drive just south of Hillside Hall/290 Warren Service Dr.
  39. Bluestone side (SW corner of Warren Campus Ctr./170 Bluestone Drive).
  40. Lakeside (west side) of Shorts Hall/441 Bluestone Drive beside sidewalk.
  41. End of drive between Hillside Hall/290 Warren Service Drive and Bell Hall/401 Cantrell Avenue.
  42. Between Eagle Hall/431 Bluestone Drive & south end of Bridgeforth Stadium/251 Bluestone Drive.
  43. SW of Chandler Hall on loading-dock service drive/451 Bluestone Drive.
  44. Sonner Hall/481 Bluestone Drive @ southeast corner of building.
  45. East of Bell Hall/401 Cantrell Ave. (between Bell Hall & McGraw-Long Hall/421 Cantrell Avenue).
  46. Hillside dorms access drive just north of bridge near McGraw-Long Hall/421 Cantrell Avenue.
  47. Service drive area north of Huffman Hall/200 Huffman Service Drive.
  48. South of Frederickson Hall/980 Frederickson Service Drive.
  49. SE of Chandler Hall/451 Bluestone Drive (NE end of U-Lot/461 Bluestone Drive).
  50. NE of Garber Hall/201 Ikenberry Service Drive .
  51. NE of Dingledine Hall/221 Ikenberry Service Drive.
  52. South of Chappelear Hall/360 Carrier Drive (NW corner of C7-Lot/370 Carrier Drive).
  53. University Boulevard, west side of road behind Quality Inn parking lot.
  54. Between White Hall/480 Carrier Drive & Weaver Hall/400 Carrier Avenue. Near building service drive entrance.
  55. Cardinal Drive (SE corner of Cardinal Dr./Paul St. intersection).
  56. N-NE corner of UREC/701 Driver Dr. (N of sidewalk, W of handicap parking).
  57. NW corner of UREC/701 Driver Drive, just west of sand volley-ball court.
  58. North of Convocation Center/685 University Blvd. (opposite side of street from D4-Lot/621 Convocation Service Drive).
  59. West of Convocation Center/685 University Blvd. (in landscape island at Convocation Service Drive/621 Convocation Service Drive).
  60. West (outside of fence) of UREC Athletic Field/701 Driver Drive.
  61. North of CISAT A1 building/701 Carrier Drive near loading-dock area.
  62. Between CISAT Trailer #
  63. South of CISAT Trailer #
  64. West side of Driver Drive opposite west (back) entrance to City Resource Recovery Facility.
  65. West side of City Resource Recovery Facility.
  66. NW corner of City Resource Recovery Facility.
  67. Driver Drive - 150' north of University Blvd., west side of road.
  68. N side of University Blvd. opposite of Carrier Drive campus entrance.
  69. S side of University Blvd. opposite of Arboretum entrance/620 University Blvd.
  70. NW corner of University Blvd. and Reservoir Street intersection.
  71. West of Soccer Field Service Drive entrance/511 Soccer Field Service Dr.
  72. Reservoir Street, east side of street, approx. 1,200 feet north of Evelyn Byrd Ave./Reservoir St. intersection.


Fire hydrants on campus would be buried under mounds of drifted and/or plowed snow in the event of a major winter storm. They all need to be located and dug out once a storm abates.

In the event of a structural fire on campus, even if fire fighters could locate a hydrant through a street surface triangle marker (highly unlikely), needless delay would be involved in the attempt to dig out the hydrant under such exigent circumstances. Almost ensured would be a major structural loss. This is preventable through procedures outlined below.

Mark hydrant locations with a re-bar post and metal flag much like a hole on the green of a golf coarse. Posts and flags should stand about eight feet above grade and be color coded. This would assure easy location. Color coding should be commensurate with available static and residual hydrant pressure as predetermined for that location on campus. Likewise, hydrants should be so color coded. The flags will make locating hydrants a snap. University employees and volunteers should dig out hydrants as soon as possible during and immediately following a storm.

With concerns about students stealing the markers, provisions have been made to have markers set out in anticipation of a forecasted storm. Most significant storms, including blizzards, are forecasted with sufficient notice so that just such precautions can be implemented.

Responsibility for carrying out the "flagging" procedures, in the event of anticipated deep snow, are included in Facilities Management's 2001 Snow/Ice Emergency Plan, FM Procedure No.: V:03, Page 6, referencing the item section on Snow Removal by Landscape Service personnel:

NOTE: If 16" or more of snow is predicted all campus fire-hydrants should be "flagged" to expedite the locating and clearing of fire-hydrants. Fiberglass rods are stored in the Landscape Section equipment room (University Services Building, Room G-11) and are attached to fire hydrants with an accompanying adapter and an adjustable wrench.

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