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Fire Doors

The office of the State Fire Marshall, the Department of Campus Police and Safety, and the Office of Residence Halls and Commuting Student Services are requesting the cooperation of all members of the University Community to ensure the personal safety of all members and guests of the University Community.

All inter-communal fire doors, smoke barrier doors, fire tower doors, and trash room doors within all University facilities be they residential, administrative, recreational, or academic buildings, are to remain closed at the direction of the State Fire Marshall and the James Madison University Institutional Safety Officer.

The designed purpose of such doors is to retard the horizontal and vertical spread of smoke, super-heated and toxic gases, and fire.

This determination is in accordance with the applicable codification found in the Building Officials' Code of America, the American Insurance Association's fire code, and the National Fire Protection Association's Life Safety Code 101. The State Fire Marshall and through his delegated authority, the Institutional Safety Officer, reserves the right to order the closing of any multiple unit dwelling, place of assembly, recreational, academic, or office building, facility, or portion thereof, in the event of repeated non-compliance with official requests. Portions of BOCA, AIA, and the NFPA Life Safety codes are codified specifically and in detail for application to institutional dormitory, place of assembly, classroom and place of business situations. Thank you for your cooperation.

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