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Specialized and Emergency Equipment

  1. Fire Detection and alarm Systems

  2. Fire Extinguishers and Automatic Extinguishing Systems

  3. Air Conditioners (Portable and Central Units)

  4. Emergency Lighting

  5. Refrigeration Equipment

  6. Elevators (Freight and Passenger)

  7. Heating Equipment

  8. Electrical Equipment

NOTE: The specialized departments within the Physical Plant inspect and maintain the equipment on a scheduled basis. A Maintenance Inspection Log is currently maintained on each instillation.

Some types of equipment require periodic Professional Inspection. These professional inspections are scheduled and completed as required. Special consideration will be given to dormitories reactive Life Safety, i.e., maintaining unobstructed corridors, landings, and stairwells; use of approved holiday decorations and appliances; and minimizing of abuse to life-safety equipment such as alarms and extinguishers.

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