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Elevator Shutdowns

In response to numerous question and safety concerns over the policy regarding On-Campus Elevator shut downs for elevator malfunctions and entrapments, the following policy will be in effect and will effect all Elevators on this campus.

If JMUPD personnel are dispatched to any elevator on campus for an elevator malfunction that requires that particular elevator to be placed out of service until the proper elevator service technicians can examine and/or repair the system. The elevator CAN BE disabled using the proper specified procedure as posted by the Elevator Service Vendors and clearly visible at each Elevator Control Panel & Elevator Main Power Supply Breaker without disconnecting the Main Power Supply Breaker, UNLESS THERE EXISTS ANY INDICATION THAT THERE MAY BE AN ELEVATOR ENTRAPMENT. If there are no specific instruction posted as required above, then we will continue to Disconnect the Elevator Main Power Supply Breaker even for general malfunctions without entrapments.

If there is any indication that an elevator entrapment exists, the responding JMUPD PERSONNEL WILL DISCONNECT THE ELEVATOR MAIN POWER SUPPLY BREAKER TO ENSURE THAT THE ELEVATOR CAR BRAKES ARE ENGAGED BEFORE ANY EXTRACATION ATTEMPTS ARE MADE. As confirmed through the General Manager of General Elevator Corporation, who as of the first of the year 1999 now has the elevator service contract for JMU elevators, this is the only option which gives us a 99.9% probability that the elevator car brakes will be activated and that the car will not fall or move suddenly, potentially causing injury to either JMUPD personnel, EMS Personnel, or entrapped victims. The General Manager acknowledged that by disconnecting the power supply it would hamper their service technicians diagnostic efforts for repairs however the safety concerns of the responding Law Enforcement, EMS personnel, and entrapped victim take precedence over mechanical equipment diagnostics. The General Manager of General Elevator also acknowledged the liability issues for not only the University but for his company as well and supports the Power Disconnect Policy in cases of entrapments.

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