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Any incident that may result in James Madison University being exposed to publicity, favorable or unfavorable, the potential of incurring liability, or in the case of an adverse event or occurrence which halts, threatens to halt, or impedes university operations, or any incident that results in an injury to university police officer(s), or any injury which is caused by any act or omission by a university Police Officer should be immediately reported to a member of the university police command staff. Sudden or accidental deaths, serious accidents or injuries on campus and those that involve members of the campus community off campus, other situations which are unusual in nature, or which in the opinion of the officer in charge require the attention of the command staff and/or senior university administration through the command staff, should also be reported immediately.

It is the responsibility of command staff (Lieutenant or above) to make the decision to notify the next highest rank, appropriate student affairs or Human Resource staff, and appropriate senior administrator(s).

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