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Duties & Responsibilities

Fire Safety Director:

The Safety Engineer, at the direction of the Director of Campus Police and Safety, is responsible for the preparation, implementation, monitoring of the effectiveness of, and editorial change to the "Plan."

The Safety Engineer will:

  • Maintain a current list of Building Coordinators, Floor Wardens, and other subordinate building evacuation personnel as may be necessary for an orderly execution of the "Plan."

  • Schedule periodic training session for the wardens, hall staff, and other persons with responsibilities related to the mandate of this document. These training sessions will be used as a vehicle to disseminate up-to-date information on current accepted standards for building security and fire protection.

  • Prepare an annual report for the University, for the State Fire Marshal, and the Director of Engineering and Buildings for the Commonwealth of Virginia. This annual report describe related activities completed in keeping with the spirit of this plan, effectiveness of the "Plan," problems encountered, adjustments made, and recommended improvements to the "Plan."

The Building Coordinators will:

  • Schedule periodic drills for the occupants of the building.

    1. A minimum of two (2) emergency drills will be scheduled annually in all Academic and Administrative buildings. Residence Hall facilities will require varying numbers of such drills, as outlined by the Department of Education and other requirements.

    2. Record Will be maintained on all emergency drills which should include building name, date, and time of drill, special conditions, departure rate of occupants, and manner of performance.

  • Be assigned the responsibility of ensuring that all Emergency Evacuation Drills are completed in an orderly and safe manner.

  • Assign to specific individuals the responsibility of ensuring the safe evacuation of mobility impaired, non-ambulatory, and otherwise handicapped persons from effected facility.
  • Fire Watch and Building Capacity – In the event that a building’s Life Safety system* should become disabled or a building’s occupancy load* or capacity is exceeded, the Building Coordinator is responsible for initiating a fire watch. A fire watch consists of continuously monitoring of the entire facility and pulling the buildings fire alarm should a fire be detected. In addition the building coordinator should be prepared to:
    • Notify campus police by calling 568-6911
    • If possible,  the building coordinator and designated assistants should attempt to secure the building:
      • Securing  the building by locking all exterior doors providing such action does not pose an immediate risk of harm
        • Follow standard daily building closing procedures
        • Doors should be secured with existing door hardware only
        • Exterior door panic bars must remain operative
      • A designee is to be stationed at each exterior door to prevent the door from being held or propped open allowing additional occupants to enter, providing such action does not pose an immediate risk of harm
    • The building coordinator should also be prepared to assign another employee to assist with the duress of building occupants until emergency personnel arrive.
    • Notify the JMU Safety Coordinator by calling 568-6765

* Questions concerning building capacity, life safety systems or these procedures may be address by the JMU Safety Coordinator
Assignment rosters for building coordinators are found elsewhere in this document under the general heading of Duties and Responsibilities.

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