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Receiver of Call - What to Do

The receiver of the call should remain calm, and make every effort to converse with the caller. Try to gather enough information to fill out the Telephone Bomb Threat Information Form

BOMB FACTS: Pretend difficulty with hearing. Keep caller talking.

If caller seems agreeable to further conversation, ask questions like:

When will it go off?
Certain Hour ___________________________

Where is it located?

What kind of bomb?

How do you know so much about the bomb?

If the building in question is occupied, inform caller the detonation could cause injury or death. Did caller appear familiar with building by his description of the bomb location? Write out the message in its entirety and any other comments on a separate sheet of paper and attach to this checklist.


  1. Call the Campus Police and Safety Office 6911/ 568-6911. Forward the information.

  2. The person receiving the call will fill out the Telephone Bomb Threat Information Form. This form should be provided to the Investigating Officer.

  3. The Investigating Officer will evaluate the situation and determine whether to Evacuate or Not To Evacuate.

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