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Chipper Safety

  1. Rotary Chipping Drum

    1. Rotary drum - feeds directly into cutting blades - pulls brush through

    2. Use for limbs up to 6" in diameter

    3. Anti-kickback device to keep debris from flying back

  2. Disc Drum

    1. Hydraulic feed rollers pull brush in

    2. Rollers can be stopped - giving operator more control

    3. Use for limbs up to 12" in diameter

    4. Device to stop or reverse feed rollers instantly

  3. PPE

    1. Never wear lose clothing

    2. Wear loose fitting gloves in case of brush snag (don't wear gauntlet gloves - snag easily)

    3. Ear protection

    4. Eye protection

    5. Hard hats (we don't use)

  4. Attaching Chipper to Vehicle

    1. Toe ring should be in place

    2. Chains should be crossed in case comes unhooked (use one w/spring loaded clip)

    3. Make sure chipper is "blocked" when separating from vehicle - don't rely on the jack

  5. Safe Operating Practices

    1. Set warning devices (cones, flagmen) for motorists/pedestrians

    2. Never break plane of hopper w/ hands

    3. Always remove ignition key when unattendedˇ Always feed from curb side

    4. Feed lg. end of tree first (disc drum)

    5. Never place hands/feet into feed chute

    6. Be aware of direction discharge chute is pointed

    7. Don't put rakings in that may contain rocks/glass - could shoot out

    8. Be aware of surroundings (people, cars, etc.)

    9. Feed all brush from right side - turning body away - disc chipper swings branches to the left

    10. Hold brush end of branch higher than trunk (for rotary drum chipper)

  6. Maintenance

    1. All fluids should be checked, lubes done, and lights inspected on a daily basis

    2. Never open access panels w/ chipper operating

    3. Never open hood w/ rotors turning

    4. Always lock drum/cutting wheel when working on

    5. If have to work in mouth (disc) make sure open w/ chain or lg. log

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