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Back Safety

  1. Facts

    1. 1/3 of the money American Companies spend covers lost time, medical care and hospital care for employees with back injuries

    2. 8 of 10 Americans will injure their backs at some time in their life

    3. Once you've injured your back you're 33% more likely to do it again

    4. 80% of lower back pain is due to lack of exercise

    5. 80% of back injuries occur within the first 2 hours of a shift - due to stiffness

  2. Five Ways to Ensure a Healthy Back

    1. Maintain correct posture

    2. Proper lifting techniques

    3. Personal protective devices

    4. Eat a well balanced diet - drink 6-8 glasses of water daily to reduce tearing type injuries

    5. Strengthening exercises - exercise back daily and stretch before getting out of bed

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