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Warehouse & Storeroom

  1. Know and follow general safety procedures.

  2. Keep aisles clear and properly marked.

  3. Keep all exits clear.

  4. Report all accidents to your supervisor immediately.

  5. Store all flammables in proper containers.

  6. Use proper lifting techniques.

  7. Do not operate power equipment unless you have been trained to do so. Follow safety procedures when operating power equipment.

  8. DO NOT flush chemicals down the drain before checking with your supervisor. Some chemicals or large quantities of any chemical must be disposed of by other methods.

  9. Always flush drains with cold water before and after disposing of any chemicals.

  10. Know the location of the MSDS book and how to read an MSDS. Be sure that each new chemical received has an MSDS. Provide a copy of the MSDS to the user and to the University Safety Engineer. Conduct a chemical inventory each year in September (Refer to the FM Hazard Communication Procedure, I:12). Handle all chemicals with rubber gloves, face, and eye protection.

  11. Report all accidents to your supervisor immediately.

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