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Electrical Safety

  1. All electrical work shall be performed by under the supervision of qualified personnel and will be installed in accordance with the current governing National Electrical Code.

  2. The Lockout or Tagout Procedure III:03 shall be followed before electrical circuitry or equipment is worked on.

  3. In those few situations where electrical circuitry or equipment cannot be de-energized the following special safety precautions shall be taken before the work begins:

    1. Each occurrence must be documented, dated and signed by the supervisor, and a copy is to be sent to the FM Safety Manager. This documentation is to be retained for three years.

    2. At least two qualified persons shall be at the work site.

    3. Only insulated tools which have been tested and approved shall be used.

    4. Only rubber gloves which have been tested and approved shall be used.

    5. Only rubber floor mats which have been tested and approved shall be used.

    6. Only protective eye wear which has been tested and approved by ANSI shall be used.

    7. Any additional safety equipment/precautions deemed necessary by the supervisor or persons performing the work shall be used.

NOTE: After October 31, 1989, whenever renovation, major replacement, repair, or modification of machines or equipment is performed, and whenever new machines or equipment are installed, energy isolating devices for such machines or equipment shall be designed to accept a lockout device. (VOSH:910.147.(c).2.iii.)

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