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Notification Checklist for Helicopters Operations on Campus

Once informed of the planned operation, Public Safety will check with the Athletics and Recreation offices to determine if Godwin or any other fields and lots used for helicopter arrivals and departures is available.

If they have nothing scheduled for Godwin or any other designated field or lot for the planned flight operation give a tentative approval pending completion of the notification and authorization process. Refer to:

  • Notify the Director of Public Safety 8-6769 and the Chief of the University Police 8-6764

  • Notify the JMU Police Dispatch Center 8-6913 and supervisors (Campbell, Coverstone

  • Review the details of the operation with the university's Risk Manager 8-3497 or his assistant 8-7701

  • Notify the offices of the President, Donna Harper, Executive Assistant 8-3705, and Vice President for Administration and Finance 8-6434

  • Notify JMU Facilities Management, Pat Garber 8-6885/8-6101/8-6102.

  • Notify RMH Security 433-4516 (so they can advise the Pegasus Medevac command of the operation). Paul Lockwood is the Director of RMH Safety & Security, e-mail

  • Notify the JMU office of Media Relations of the operation in time for them to contact the local commercial and public television and broadcast stations 8-3747/8-1201

Notify the following public safety agencies of the upcoming operation:

Unless specifically requested to have fire apparatus and/or rescue unit(s)on standby, no such units will be assigned to the immediate area during the operation.

Notify all persons with responsibility for the buildings and facilities surrounding Godwin Field of the planned operation, e.g. facility managers of UREC, the Convocation Center, the Parking office, Residence Life, Godwin and Showker Halls. Here is a sampling of current pertinent e-mail addresses:

Military Science (ROTC) Checklist:

Meet all requirements of the University's of the notification, confirmation and authorization process. Again see:

  • Request permission to land helicopters on Godwin Field or other campus location.

  • Provide contact name(s), telephone number(s), and pertinent e-mail addresses.

  • Provide time(s), date(s) inclusive of the operation.

  • Identify pilot(s), where they are from and for whom they fly.

  • Identify any ground personnel with decision making authority.

  • Provide brief description of mission and contingency provisions. For example:

      "We plan to land the aircraft in line, in the center of Godwin Field using Air Assault trained Military Science Instructors and ROTC Cadets. The landing site will be marked with Green Chemical Lights. The aircraft will be controlled on the ground by the Air Assault personnel. The landing site will be blocked off by ROTC personnel to prevent entry into this area during all landings and takeoffs from the location. I will have 2 Combat Lifesaver certified ROTC Associate Professors of Military Science present in case of medical emergency, and will have the Hospital helicopter Medivac emergency numbers setup in case of emergency. On board safety and flight procedures will be the responsibility of the Crew Chief which will be aboard each aircraft.

We appreciate your assistance in helping the ROTC department on this issue. Please let me know if we are cleared for the use of Godwin Field for this training."

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