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Helicopter Landing Zones

We can accommodate your rotary wing aircraft needs. Provide us your FAX number and we will send you general and detailed approach maps showing you where we prefer you land.

For your information the GPS coordinates for the undesignated LZ located in the parking lot of the JMU soccer field are...

  • 38 degrees 25' 91" North
  • 78 degrees 51' 39" West

There are high-tension electrical distribution lines north along the adjacent Reservoir St. There are also four very tall stadium light towers around the soccer field.

The Godwin Hall grass practice field coordinates (an alternate site) are...

  • 38 degrees 25' 58" North
  • 78 degrees 52' 10" West

The Valley floor at campus generally runs 1,300 +/- feet above sea level. The mountain peaks either side of the Valley range from 2,000 to 4,000 feet. JMU is located between Exits 245 and 247 and straddles I-81.

Public Safety's land line is (540)568-6912/6913/6914, 24/7 FAX is (540)568-3308. The Director's direct phone number is 568-6769. His e-mail is and Fax is (540)569-7926 (business days). The sergeant's mobile cell phone is (540)471-5490. In the event of telephone system failure the dispatch cell phone is (540)471-5186.

If you have a variable frequency radio our police repeater base frequencies are 453.9000 FB, 458.9000 FX1. If you have an FRS radio, we have one as well. Tune it to Channel 12.

For your information the nearby Rockingham Memorial Hospital has a roof top landing pad at...

  • 38 degrees 26' 36" North
  • 78 degrees 52' 17" West

with a magnetic direction of 300 degrees. It is at 1,360.25 feet elevation. Watch out for possible inbound or outbound Medivac missions.

About ten air miles south of campus is Shenandoah Valley Airport (SHD) at Weyers Cave...

  • 38 degrees 15' 83" North
  • 78 degrees 53' 78" West

SHD is ILS equipped, NDB approach communicates on 123.0 MHz, telephone 540)234-8304. Refueling is available daily from 5:30a.m. to 10:30p.m. SHD is about a mile and a half from I-81 Exit 235.

Provide us with your FAX number and we will send you area maps. Call us just before you depart and provide your ETA. Tell us how do you wish to be addressed by radio, i.e., ship tail numbers, etc.

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