Follow these simple steps:

1)       Contact Campus Police at 540-568-6911

Report all personal injuries (those requiring medical attention and those which do not require medical attention) to campus police at 8-6911. The campus police are the universities first responders and are uniquely qualified to handle emergency situations.

2)       Contact Workers’ Compensation at 540-568-2358

Incidents involving university employees must be reported to the universities Workers’ Compensation office as explained on their Website:

3)       Discuss with your Supervisor

It is the duty of all university employees witness to unsafe acts to report such activities to their supervisors. Supervisors shall evaluate all accidents, safety violations, and document the counseling of associates about the action necessary to prevent re-occurrences of recordable injuries.

4)       Complete the “Accident Investigation Report” form and send it to Risk Management (MSC 6703)

            The unsafe acts of people, and the unsafe conditions that cause accidents, can be corrected only when they are known specifically. This report will help to identify them and correct them. This report and investigation must be completed within 24 hours of the accident. The employee involved and his/her supervisor should cooperate to complete all the information requested.  Please use additional paper as necessary.