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Voices of Scholarship

The Voices of Scholarship project is a collection of videos of JMU faculty, representing a wide variety of disciplines, discussing their research and scholarship interests. After providing an overview of their research focus, faculty members discuss how their scholarly pursuits engage students and impact the community beyond James Madison University’s borders. As JMU pursues a vision of becoming the national model for the engaged university, the Voices of Scholarship presents often complex and technical topics in an accessible manner, which allows the general public to better understand the intellectual achievements of the JMU community. The Voices of Scholarship is a collaboration between JMU’s Office of Research and Scholarship and the Center for Faculty Innovation.


almarode_172x103.png What Sustains Me - Featuring Dr. John Almarode
In this edition of the JMU's College of Education's What Sustains Me Project, Dr. John Almamode reflects on what he relies upon to guide and sustain him when compelled by the need to take a stand, to speak out, or to take action.

Nick Swayne Nick Swayne
Nick Swayne, Executive Director of 4-Virginia, discusses the primary tenets of the initiative-to increase collaboration among Virginia's higher education institutions in the areas of course sharing, degree completion, research, and course redesign.

Nicole Radziwill Nicole Radziwill
Dr. Nicole Radziwill joins the Voices of Scholarship with an overview of her research at the Burning Man festival, her background in meteorology, technology management, and quality systems, and what research means to her.

Christy Ludlow Christy Ludlow
Dr. Ludlow discusses her fascinating research into the way that the human brain controls swallowing.

$_SerializerTool.serialize($_XPathTool.selectSingleNode($item.getParent(), 'system-data-structure/thumbnail/display-name'),true) Kenneth R. Rutherford
Ken Rutherford shares his experiences working to alleviate the world of the negative consequences of war in post-conflict environments and developing programs to support landmine survivors. JMU has a unique role to play and has provided higher educational resources in this space for more than 15 years, which includes production of the Journal of ERW and Mine Action.

Bill Wales Bill Wales
Dr. Wales discusses entrepreneurial behavior, innovation culture, student impact, and his most inspiring moments as a professor.

Jennifer Taylor Jennifer Taylor
Dr. Jennifer Taylor discusses her research on military families and public policy, and charitable giving and social behaviors. Drawing on her experiences as a military spouse, Dr. Taylor emphasizes the importance of understanding the service member as a family unit, especially when considering foreign and domestic policies that affect military families.

Dr. Margaret Sloan Dr. Margaret Sloan
Dr. Margaret Sloan discusses her work in the areas of nonprofit leadership, accountability, philanthropy, and financial management within the JMU School of Strategic Leadership Studies.

t-walton-172.png Dr. Tim Walton
Dr. Tim Walton traces how his career brought him to JMU, beginning with his time spent in the Navy to his career with the CIA after he completed his graduate studies. His research centers on the history of intelligence, and how to improve the intelligence analysis process through lessons learned from past intelligence operations.

barkley-rosser-172.png J. Barkley Rosser
Dr. J. Barkley Rosser discusses his research interests in the field of economics. Specifically, Rosser explains how his work on complexity and nonlinear dynamics on the patterns of speculative bubbles has been credited with predicting the most recent financial crisis. Furthermore, his —Rosser's Equation— has been used by government officials in policy briefings on the future solvency of the U.S. Social Security system.

Corinne Diop Corinne Diop
Professor Diop discusses her background in photography and how it has influenced her teaching and research at JMU. Due to ongoing technological advances, Diop now focuses her interests on mixed media and photo collage/montage in a digital format. She appreciates the collaborative atmosphere at JMU and how it allows her to display her scholarship in a local setting, creating opportunities for meaningful connections with students and local community members.

Dan Downey Dan Downey
Dr. Dan Downey discusses his environmental/analytical chemistry scholarship, which includes a cooperative arrangement with the U.S. Forest Service and the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries on projects of environmental consequence to aquatic life in local communities and the surrounding region. Specifically, he studies the negative effects that acid rain resulting from power plant emissions can have on local natural resources and landmarks, as well as mitigation strategies.

$_SerializerTool.serialize($_XPathTool.selectSingleNode($item.getParent(), 'system-data-structure/thumbnail/display-name'),true) Chris Bachmann
Dr. Chris Bachmann discusses his work on clean and renewable alternative energy sources. Specifically, Bachmann researches algae-based fuel sources and the technological advances necessary to meet society's current consumption requirements. He states that despite its standing as a teaching-focused university, JMU is a leading force behind this research.

$_SerializerTool.serialize($_XPathTool.selectSingleNode($item.getParent(), 'system-data-structure/thumbnail/display-name'),true) Sara Finney
Dr. Sara Finney discusses her research on issues and techniques broadly related to measurement and statistics in psychology and education. Her scholarship focuses on the presence of less-than-ideal conditions for research, quality of measures, the measurement of academic entitlement, and test-taking motivation for students.

$_SerializerTool.serialize($_XPathTool.selectSingleNode($item.getParent(), 'system-data-structure/thumbnail/display-name'),true) Barbara Stern
Dr. Stern specializes in the integration of technology into social studies, the history of teaching social studies, and curriculum theory. Despite a national pastime of visiting historical sites, battlefields, and museums, many Americans retain very little knowledge of history while in school. Dr. Stern's work seeks to remedy this problem, by developing teaching methods that incorporate meaning and understanding in social studies classrooms.

$_SerializerTool.serialize($_XPathTool.selectSingleNode($item.getParent(), 'system-data-structure/thumbnail/display-name'),true) Cynthia Thompson
Ms. Thompson explains the components of her scholarship, which includes choreography, performance, and teaching to audiences ranging from the local campus community to international artists. Her choreography has been selected for choreographer's showcases in Washington, D.C.; Wisconsin, and at American College Dance Festivals.

$_SerializerTool.serialize($_XPathTool.selectSingleNode($item.getParent(), 'system-data-structure/thumbnail/display-name'),true) Gina MacDonald
Dr. Gina MacDonald describes her scholarship as a biophysical chemist exploring biological molecules on a very small scale and the impact of her research on students pursuing their goals to become doctors, researchers, professors and teachers.

$_SerializerTool.serialize($_XPathTool.selectSingleNode($item.getParent(), 'system-data-structure/thumbnail/display-name'),true) Joshua Pate
Dr. Joshua Pate discusses his research on sport disability, as it relates to the Paralympic Games, inclusion, and how those with disabilities operate in an able-bodied world.

$_SerializerTool.serialize($_XPathTool.selectSingleNode($item.getParent(), 'system-data-structure/thumbnail/display-name'),true) David A. Slykhuis
Dr. David Slykhuis explains how technology can serve as an entry point to better engage students, in addition to enhancing what is learned while spurring excitement in the classroom.

$_SerializerTool.serialize($_XPathTool.selectSingleNode($item.getParent(), 'system-data-structure/thumbnail/display-name'),true) Cheri Beverly
Dr. Cheryl Beverly discusses her lifelong commitment to developing culturally competent citizens and educators, with a focus on access to learning and information.

whitmeyer-steven Steven Whitmeyer
Dr. Steven Whitmeyer researches the geologic processes that gave rise to the mountains we see today. Mapping the orientation of the rocks beneath and around us serves many practical purposes, from identifying areas that are susceptible to sinkholes, to locating natural resources, to understanding how geologic foundations influence the building of roads. Dr. Whitmeyer participates in the JMU Geology Field Course, which provides students the opportunity to apply what they learn in the classroom to the natural environment of western Ireland.