RPS Distinguished Service Award


The Research and Public Service Distinguished Service Award is to recognize an individual for their lifetime achievement in the areas of service, scholarship, and/or outreach.


The Research and Public Service Distinguished Service Award acknowledges leadership, scholarship, mentorship, excellence in the classroom, and an individual's overall impact toward an organization, program, or research endeavor. The award recognizes a career-long commitment to public service.



Activities that advance the mission and goals of James Madison University applied to the University, local, state, national, and international communities.


Academic achievement through publication and advancement through discovery of knowledge in the recipient’s field of study.


Engagement with undergraduate and graduate students to provide support, both personally and professionally, to ensure student success.

Selection Process

An internal Research and Public Service review committee determines award winners based on the above criteria.   

Award Winners

2011 - Dr. George H. Baker, Institute for Infrastructure and Information Assurance Technical Director

2010 - Dr. B. Douglas Skelley, Political Science