About the Office of Research Development



The Office of Research Development builds collaborative interdisciplinary teams to pursue a variety of externally sponsored opportunities, facilitates research and development opportunities for faculty, staff and student researchers to promote the growth of JMU's sponsored research activities and faculty career development, and assists in identifying and responding to strategic initiatives.



The Office of Research Development seeks to create an open environment of collaboration between students, faculty, staff, and external partners to position JMU as a leader within the Commonwealth and Nation in research activities.



  • Identify funding opportunity announcements, calls for papers, requests for proposals, and other research funding vehicles for University constituents in a timely manner.
  • Diversify and expand funding sources with an emphasis on the JMU Research Agenda to support the defining characteristics of the University.
  • Develop strategic partnerships with and serve as the point of contact for external entities representing the private sector; academia, local, state, and federal government; and international organizations seeking a collaborative relationship with JMU.
  • Increase sponsored program capabilities, activities, and resources to advance the mission of the University.
  • Assemble and assist interdisciplinary teams consisting of students, faculty, and staff from across the University respond to strategic research initiatives.
  • Ensure the research development process involves all necessary University stakeholders early and often including the Offices of Sponsored Programs and Technology Transfer, in order to protect Intellectual Property and adhere to University policies regarding research compliance.
  • Promote and market the University’s research capabilities and accomplishments.