Photon Science Workshop

Ken NewboldThis one-day program featured research presentations from multiple disciplines, which illustrated the powerful capabilities of advanced photon sources, and the potential needs of such sources in the Commonwealth’s research community. We hope that new technologies and facilities might be developed locally, boosting up technological advances in fundamental science, engineering, medicine, energy and environmental research.

Free-electron lasers (FELs) are an example of a new and developing technology that offers potentially game-changing opportunities in science, which may boost economic development in diverse fields, including medical, environmental, and energy research, while offering major advantages in education. JMU is already engaged with the existing Jefferson Lab (JLab) FEL, and aims to leverage this facility in future research and student training. The primary example of a specific JMU-related application and area of study with the FEL is in the energy arena, including relaxation dynamics and energy flow in novel materials. JMU faculty, invited subject matter experts, and guest speakers discussed a wide range of photon science applications during the workshop. View the program, one-page summary, and photos from the Photon Science Workshop.


Worshop Presentations

Research Potential Of The Twisted Photon Beams
Andrei Afanasev, George Washington University

Harvesting Heat Through Seebeck Spin Tunneling Effect
Costel Constantin, James Madison University

Optical Techniques To Probe Internal Dynamics Of Soft Materials
Klebert Feitosa, James Madison University

Optical Properties And Energy Transfer Dynamics Of Atmospheric Species
Daniel Havey, James Madison University

Surface Modification And Characterization Of Nano-Composite Polymers
Chris Hughes, James Madison University
Brian Augustine, James Madison University

Study Of Plasmons And Polaritons In Oxide Thin Films
R. Alejandra Lukaszew, College Of William And Mary
Giovanna Scarel, James Madison University

A 60,000 Rpm X-Ray Chopper
Eric Maslen, James Madison University

Science Enabled By Photon Sources: Local Research Interests In Virginia. The Role Of Photon Sources In Materials Research: Past, Present, And Future
Ward Plummer, Louisiana State University

Jamming, Avalanches, And Unpredictability: Nonlinear Dynamics And Complexity In Granular Flows
Brian Utter James Madison University

X-Ray Fluorescence Microscopy: A Tool For Biology, Life Science And Nanomedicine
Stefan Vogt, Northwestern University

Cis-Autoprotecolysis Of Thnt
Nathan Wright, James Madison University